Download Version: Guidelines for Requesting Volunteer Notetaker.pdf

Students who need a note taker in class to compensate for the effects of their disability are strongly urged to fill out the Authorization for Release of Information (faculty liaison blue form) form each semester. A letter will be prepared on the student's behalf, but will not disclose any confidential information, for each class. The letters can be mailed or hand delivered by the student each semester. It is the student's responsibility to:

  • May recruit a note taker him/herself;
  • The student must confirm with the instructor to make an announcement asking for a volunteer note taker. The professor will not disclose who the individual is during class, but will ask the volunteer note taker to stay after class to meet the individual;
  • If the professor is unsuccessful after two (2) attempts, the student will notify DRS immediately to make arrangements in obtaining a note taker.
  • The student may also ask the DRS staff to contact the instructor to make an appropriate announcement if the instructor has not made an attempt.

Free NCR (carbonless) paper will be provided by DRS. Please keep NCR (carbonless) paper with you for emergencies. The student in your class who volunteers to take notes for you may be absent. The person who agrees to substitute that day may not have time or be willing to go to DRS for the NCR carbonless paper.

Updated: August 09, 2023