Student COVID-19 Weekly Testing Form

Employee COVID-19 Weekly Testing Form

The purpose of this protocol is to establish the process for testing for COVID-19. The protocol will identify the processes for members of the campus community to access testing, and what individuals should do following test results. This document is based on evolving conditions and has been updated to complement the COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Certification.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, and until further notice, participation in Stanislaus State’s testing protocol is required for faculty, staff and students accessing the University location in Stanislaus or San Joaquin counties (including the main Turlock campus and Stockton Campus) according to eligibility outlined below. Testing is one layer in a multi-layered approach to COVID-19 prevention, in addition to other key measures such as vaccination, wearing face coverings, improved ventilation, physical distancing and respiratory and hand hygiene. More information regarding testing for COVID-19 can be found at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website.

Stanislaus State will utilize the vendor HR Support Pros to provide supplies for nasal-swab testing and to collect and perform clinical lab testing. HR Support Pros uses a testing methodology that has received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for the testing of COVID-19. Employees may choose to use another vendor, but the cost will not be covered by Stan State. On-site testing is available at the Turlock campus or visit a local testing site.

CDC recommends that anyone with any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 get tested, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection. If you get tested because you have symptoms or were potentially exposed to the virus, you should stay away from others pending test results and follow the advice of your health care provider or a public health professional.

Eligibility and Rollout Plan

Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, testing is required for Stanislaus State faculty, staff and students who meet the following criteria:

  • You are approved to be on-site: 
  • If you are not accessing campus facilities, you do not have to test weekly.

Student COVID-19 Weekly Testing Form (Submit File)
Employee COVID-19 Weekly Testing Form (Submit File)

  • The form requires testing program participants to provide the date tested, location of test and an image of one of the three accepted forms of documentation.
  • Only COVID-19 PCR tests (molecular diagnostic tests) will be accepted. Rapid tests (antigen tests) or home testing kit results will not be accepted. 
  • Documentation of testing may include: 
    • Receipt from testing center 
    • Email notification that test results are ready 
    • Redacted copy of test results (with COVID-19 status marked out)  
  • Testing may be completed at Stanislaus State or off campus. Visit to find a testing location near you. 

In addition, everyone must complete the daily self-screening form whenever you are scheduled to be on-site. Note, if you are experiencing symptoms and have been on-site in the last 14 days, you must report symptoms using the Report a Case or Potential Exposure which will provide additional guidance. 

Additional Information

Vaccine Exemptions - Exemptions to the vaccine requirement will be considered for individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from being vaccinated and for individuals with sincerely held religious beliefs that prohibit them from being vaccinated, consistent with federal and California law.

Retaliation, intimidation or other adverse action related to the employment or education against an employee who requests and/or receives an exemption is inconsistent with Stanislaus State’s values and prohibited by University policy. The vaccine requirement and associated exemption process supports the health and safety of our community and is designed to assist all members of the community.

Students should certify and upload documentation if they qualify for a COVID-19 vaccination exemption. Information about this process is available on the COVID-19 Vaccination website.

Staff and faculty who are certifying an exemption will be contacted by the COVID Leaves Specialist with further instructions.

Workplace Reasonable Accommodations - Faculty and staff will be returning to the classroom and to their offices on campus in the fall. Those requiring an accommodation due to a disability or medical condition to allow them to perform the essential functions of their job should complete the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form. Accommodations may include but are not limited to additional or enhanced protective measures, temporary modifications of work schedules, or revised office space. Generally, accommodations will not include remote work for duties that require campus presence. Accommodations are applicable for the employee only. Stan State will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodation for individuals with qualified disabilities. Employees seeking modified schedules to care for a family member or other household members who are immune compromised may explore Family Medical Leave by initiating a consultation with the Leaves Program.

Individuals needing accommodations should contact the following offices:

Faculty/ Staff:
Leaves Program

Disability Resource Services


Students attending on-campus courses, activities and services must adhere to the following safety procedures.

  • Students are required to complete the daily self-screening form before arriving on campus.
  • Students who requested a medical or religious exemption should plan to start their weekly COVID-19 testing in order to have their testing documentation before the first day they plan to be on campus. 
  • Students with an approved exemption are required to test weekly and complete the Student COVID-19 Testing Form. The form requires students to provide the date tested, location of test and an image of one of the three accepted forms of documentation.
  • Only COVID-19 PCR tests (molecular diagnostic tests) will be accepted. Rapid tests (antigen tests) or home testing kit results will not be accepted. 
  • Documentation of testing may include: 
    • Receipt from testing center 
    • Email notification that test results are ready 
    • Redacted copy of test results (with COVID-19 status marked out)  
  • Students can complete their test at Stanislaus State or off campus. Visit to find a testing location near you. 
  • Weekly testing is required unless you are up to date with your vaccine series. If you are up to date in your vaccine series, update your vaccination status in the COVID-19 Vaccine Self-Certification located on your myStanState Student Center BEFORE you stop weekly testing.
  • Students who do not complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Self-Certification, do not have an exemption or do not complete their weekly COVID-19 test may be referred to the University’s Office of Student Conduct as outlined in the COVID-19 Safety Procedures Enforcement. The University prioritizes the health and safety of its community and strives to ensure all feel safe on campus. 
  • Testing will be available on campus at no cost to students. Further details are provided on the COVID-19 Testing webpage.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms and have been on-campus in the last 14 days, you must report symptoms using the COVID Reporting Form which will provide additional guidance. 

Associated Students, Inc. / University Student Center Employees

Weekly Testing: Employees
ASI and SC acknowledge that testing is the best way to determine if there are asymptomatic employees who are reporting to work. We are requiring student assistants and professional staff to get a weekly COVID-19 test at the drive through site on campus.

Weekly Testing: Members
We are highly encouraging our members to get a COVID-19 test at least one day prior to attending a meeting or event. You may utilize the HR Support Pros on campus or any other COVID-19 testing location.   (These are our volunteers).

  • You are not required to provide proof of your negative test. If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, please contact Ammie Mundello, Human Resource and Risk Manager to coordinate a leave of absence and quarantine time.

  • Self-Questionnaire
    Self-Questionnaire must be completed every day you are reporting to work on campus. ASI and SC have their own questionnaire that is mandatory to complete once you clock in for work. For exempt professional staff, please complete as soon as you arrive on campus. If a student assistant or professional staff fails to complete the self-questionnaire, they will be subject to progressive disciplinary measures up to and including termination.

Vendors, contractors, interns and affiliates

The health and well-being of all members of our community is extremely important. We will be working with contractors, vendors and others to identify the appropriate testing protocols for these populations in support of community health. To minimize the spread of COVID-19, these individuals are strongly encouraged to participate in regular testing.

Employees working from home

Recommended testing does not apply to employees telecommuting from home. Employees who are working from home and who are not authorized to work on-site can access the free COVID-19 testing location on campus.

Testing matrix

Population* Frequency Type
On-campus** Faculty/Staff Testing Program Participants Weekly Mandatory
On-campus** Student Testing Program Participants
(with an exemption)
Weekly Mandatory
Student-Athletes (Athletics RTP) Weekly – See Athletics RTP Mandatory
On-campus** Student Residents (Annex A) Varies – See Annex A Mandatory
Nursing Students*** (Annex B) Unvaccinated/Agency Protocol –
See Annex B

*Testing populations, mandates, frequencies are subject to change based on campus and local conditions, state/county requirements, or other factors.
** “On-campus” refers to any Stanislaus State or CSU owned or operated facility where students or employees come to live, work or otherwise engage in programs, services and activities; includes Stanislaus State or CSU sponsored programs, meetings, field research, etc., hosted at off-site venues.
*** Nursing students in clinical settings

Travel and gathering guidance

Please refer to State of California guidance as it pertains to recommendations for travel, both domestic and foreign.

Testing results

After completing your test sample, you can expect to receive results within 24-72 hours. If you complete your test on campus you will receive an email and text notification from the testing lab to check your account for results. If you were on campus in the 14 days before you tested positive, please contact the COVID Response Coordinator.

Negative results

Negative test results for COVID-19 will require no further action from participants.

Positive results

If your test is positive, you will be asked to self-isolate and refrain from coming to campus (if you live on campus, you may continue doing so while adhering to self-isolation guidelines). You must complete the COVID Reporting Form. The University COVID Response Coordinator will reach out to you about receiving a confirmatory test and will initiate exposure notification for close contacts as defined on the CDC When to Quarantine webpage. Expect an additional call or follow-up by the local county public health department for contact tracing efforts. If you are having severe symptoms, including difficulty breathing, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Inconclusive results

Persons who receive inconclusive test results should still report to work and continue to monitor for symptoms regularly and report your health status via the Daily Self-Screening Protocol.

Annex A

Housing and Residential Life Students

The information below outlines the testing considerations for on-campus residents. Testing expectations for COVID-19 are subject to change based on campus and local conditions, state or county requirements or other factors.


  • All residents are required to complete the daily screening form and continue to uphold COVID-19 safety guidelines, including vaccination requirements for Stanislaus State students accessing campus.
  • Residents with exemptions to the vaccination requirement are required to test weekly and to complete the Student COVID-19 Weekly Testing form. Do not send results directly to housing staff.
  • Updated testing requirements for Housing Move-In will be communicated directly to residents alongside additional move-in information and instructions.
  • Residents who travel during the semester should get tested prior to returning to campus and, upon returning from your destination, should sequester until test results are received. We understand that it is not always possible to test prior to returning and ask that if this is the case, residents test immediately upon return.

Experiencing Symptoms?

  • Residents who are experiencing symptoms or were recently exposed to COVID-19, should complete the COVID-19 Reporting form.
  • The CDC recommends that anyone with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 to get tested, regardless of vaccination status or prior infection.
  • Isolation and quarantine units are available in housing and staff will assist with services such as laundry, meals, mail, and more. Residents should contact Housing and Residential Life for assistance with isolation or quarantine as needed.

Annex B

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing will follow university protocol and community partner requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations and exemptions. Students who have incomplete vaccinations or an exemption, will need to follow community agency requirements for COVID-19 PCR testing.

Many community agencies are not accepting exemptions. This may affect your ability to be placed in a clinical or precepted experience; this may prevent matriculation and/or graduation in the nursing program.

Updated: June 24, 2022