Currently, Stanislaus State must comply with a variety of existing federal (e.g., CDC, OSHA, FDA), state (e.g., Governor, CalOSHA, CSU), as well as county-specific (e.g., Stanislaus and San Joaquin County Departments of Public Health) COVID-19 related policies, protocols, and practices. The COVID Campus Consultation Team (CCCT) is established to be a representative group of key campus leaders who will be better informed about all of the many COVID-19 related policies that impact our campus, in conjunction with an ever-evolving set of campus-specific and county-specific data that has been used daily to monitor and track evolving COVID-19 conditions on campus and in our region in order to provide feedback regarding campus plans to prioritize the safety and of all students, employees and visitors to our campus.


  1. The purpose of the CCCT is to utilize the best and most current scientific information and data to always safeguard the health, safety and well-being of all Stan State students, employees, guests and our community. Stan State has created a very robust, timely, accurate COVID-19 Data Dashboard that is available to everyone on campus and to the public.
  2. Involve and mobilize expert external consultants as well as campus experts to better inform, educate and seek feedback from key constituency group leaders regarding COVID-19 required policies and how these policies will impact campus operations.
  3. Better understand, accurately track (in real-time), and utilize a range of critically important COVID-19 data (e.g., campus-specific and relevant county data) in order to provide feedback and input to the President and Cabinet that will enhance our ability to pivot or modify Stan State’s formal COVID-19 plans and operations as COVID-19 conditions change on campus and in our communities.
  4. Continue to provide feedback and collaborative support to enhance and improve communication processes across the campus and with our communities.

Meeting Dates

Data Documents

Policy Documents

Name: Title: Dept: Phone:(209) Email:

Pollie Bith-Melander*

Academic Senate Speaker designee

Department of Social Work


Eric Conrad

Academic Senate Speaker-Elect designee

Department of Kinesiology and Public Health


Jey Strangfeld*

CFA designee

Department of Sociology


Koni Stone

Research Faculty Rep,
(selected by Senate CoC)

Department of Biological Sciences


Destiny Suarez

ASI Student Body President

Associated Students, Inc.

Nicholas Webber


Print Shop


Tammy Worthington
(designee – Tracy Myers)


Financial Aid


Joseph Lopez


Facilities Services


Steve Olson


University Police


Vicki Jones

Infectious Disease Response Team Chair

Safety & Risk Management


Dr. Sergio Mazon

Chief Medical Officer

Health Center


Name: Title:

John Walker, M.D.



Name: Title: Dept: Phone:(209) Email:

Rich Ogle

Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs


Rose McAuliffe

VP, Business and Finance

Business and Finance


Christine Erickson

VP, Student Affairs

Student Affairs


Paul Norris

Interim Senior AVP, Human Resources, Equal Opportunity and Compliance

Human Resources, Equal Opportunity and Compliance


Rosalee Rush

Senior AVP, Communications, Marketing and Media Relations

Communications & Public Affairs


Sue Borrego

Interim President

Office of the President

Neisha Rhodes Director for Presidential Initiatives (Diversity & Inclusion; Governmental Relations) Office of the President 667-3201
Dai Li

Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics, SPEMI – Data Dashboard expert

Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics


* Note: If and when CCCT meetings occur during non-academic calendar days (e.g., Jan Intersession, summer), the Office of Faculty Affairs will work with faculty to make appropriate accommodations.

Updated: August 24, 2023