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College of the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
California State University Stanislaus
One University Circle
Turlock, California 95382
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Building: Demerogasso-Bava Hall
Building: #21 - See Map
Room: #260 - See Map Phone: (209) 667-3531
Fax: (209) 664-7183

Office of the Dean - DBH 260

Name Title Phone (209) Email
James A. Tuedio, Ph.D. Dean 667-3180
Sari Miller-Antonio, Ph.D. Associate Dean 667-3604
Stephen Routh, Ph.D. Associate Dean 667-3363
Ms. Lori Phillips Administrative Analyst 664-6807
Ms. Pat Ford Admin Support Assistant 667-3130
Ms. Jeannie Thompson Financial Assistant 664-6811
Mr. Cameron Pallotta KECK Computer Lab Manager 667-3710

Departments and Programs

Anthropology/Geography/ Ethnic Studies


Classroom 215

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Sari Miller- Antonio, Ph.D. Chair 667-3604
Peggy Hauselt, Ph.D Geography Program Director 667-3557
Bao Lo, Ph.D. Ethnic Studies Co-Director 667-6675
Abigail Rosas, Ph.D. Ethnic Studies Co-Director 667-3250

Ms. Susan Helm-Lauber Admin Support Coordinator 667-3127

Communication Studies


Demergasso-Bava Hall 125

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Keith Nainby, Ph.D. Chair 667-3523

Ilene Ruesga

Admin Support Coordinator 667-3371

Mr. Greg Jacquay KCSS General Manager 667-3427

Criminal Justice


Classroom 125

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Phyllis Gerstenfeld, Ph.D. Chair 667-3229
Amanda Matravers , Ph.D. MA Program Director 667-3893
Ms. Monica Pope Admin Support Coordinator 667-3409

Economics/Agricultural Studies/Social Sciences


Classroom 100

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Agricultural Studies Department Classroom 108A 664-6648  
Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, Ph.D. Chair 667-3182
Oluwarotimi Odeh Ph.D. Agricultural Studies Director 667-3961
Dr. Chau-Pu Chiang Social Sciences Coordinator 667-3037
Ms. Susan Jordan Admin Support Coordinator 667-3342



Hall 264

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Scott Davis, Ph.D. Chair 667-3883
Anthony Perrello, Ph.D MA Program Director 667-3274
Ms. Tula Mattingly Admin Support Coordinator 667-3361
Ms. Lisa Boggeri Admin Support Assistant 667-3361



Classroom 118

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Marjorie Sanchez Walker, Ph.D. Chair 667-3316
Philip Garone, Ph.D. MA Program Director 667-3319
Ms. Cathy Lanzon Admin Support Assistant 667-3238

Honors Program


Classroom 118

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Jim Tuedio, Ph.D. Co-Director 667-3254
Ellen Bell, Ph. D. Co-Director 667-3188
Ms. Becky Temple Admin Support Coordinator 667-3180

Philosophy/Modern Languages


Science 103

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Jason Winfree, Ph.D. Chair 667-3686
Teresa Bargetto, Ph.D. Modern Languages Director 667-3789
Ms. Sherry Sotelo Admin Support Coordinator 667-6824

Politics/Public Administration


Classroom 132

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Stephen Routh, Ph.D. Chair 667-3363
David Colnic, Ph.D. MPA Program Director 667-3520
Ms. Laura Riddell Admin Support Coordinator 667-3388

Sociology/Gerontology/Gender Studies


Classroom 213

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Tamara Sniezek, Ph.D. Chair 667-3478
Betsy Eudey, Ph.D. Gender Studies Director 664-6673
Ms. Ashlea Eaton Administrative Support Coordinator 667-3408

Centers, Institutes, and Other Initiatives

California Institute For Peruvian Studies Archive

(In Collaboration With The Library)


Library 135A

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Laura French, Ph.D. Special Collections/Digital Archive Libarian 664-6557

Center for Economic Education


Classroom 101

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Elaine Peterson, Ph.D. Director 667-3327

Center for Portuguese Studies

(in collaboration with the College of Education)


Library 179B

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Elmano Costa, Ph.D. Director 667-3638

Center for Public Policy Studies


Demergasso-Bava Hall 148
Classroom 100

Name Title Phone (209) Email
John Garcia, Ph.D. Co-Director (DBH148) 667-3769
Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, Ph.D. Co-Director (C100) 667-3182

Central California Information Center


Classroom 205A

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Ms. Elizabeth Greathouse Coordinator 667-3307

Council for Sustainable Futures


Classroom 132B

Name Title Phone (209) Email
David Colnic, Ph.D. Facilitator 667-3520

Institute for Archeological Research


Classroom 205A

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Ellen Bell, Ph.D. Director 667-3188

Institute for Cultural Resources


Classroom 101

Name Title Phone (209) Email
Richard Wallace, Ph.D. Director 667-3604