The College administration is committed to addressing student issues, concerns and complaints in a careful and considerate manner. If you have academic issues, concerns or complaints to raise with us pertaining to your experiences within the college, please utilize the following process:

To initiate discussion of an issue, concern or complaint, contact Associate Dean Stephen Routh by email or phone at (209)667-3403. This will set in motion a face-to-face meeting, possible follow-up discussion and relevant fact gathering. The process affords students an opportunity to be heard as well as to receive initial feedback to their concerns. If there is difficulty arriving at a suitable resolution to an issue or complaint brought to our attention, the Dean of the College will become involved in the conversation to offer constructive suggestions, to help move the process toward consensus agreement or otherwise address the problem in a constructive manner.  If the college process does not resolve the student's concern, the complaint may always be referred to the Dean of Students for further action and resolution.

Contact Dr. Routh

Email Address:
Phone Number: (209) 667-3403

Updated: July 11, 2023