Agriculture Major

Discover what you can learn and where an agriculture major can take you.

The agriculture program is a multidisciplinary program that blends a number of disciplines into the following concentrations: agricultural biology, agricultural economics, sustainable agriculture and a general concentration. Students in the program gain a rich understanding of agricultural production, distribution, entrepreneurship, sustainability and management through experiential learning opportunities.

out in the field


  • Agricultural sciences
  • Careers in the food industry
  • Careers in the agricultural industry
  • Preparation for leadership positions in the food and agricultural industry
  • Working with people
  • Solving problems

icon Learn

  • Production and distribution of crops
  • Agricultural and environmental resource management
  • Agribusiness management and marketing
  • Global perspectives on food issues
  • Agribusiness entrepreneurship


  • Agricultural sales/marketing
  • Agricultural finance
  • Agricultural lending
  • Farm management
  • Agricultural biology
  • Crop/pest control inspection
  • Natural resource management
  • Sustainable food production

iconCareer Opportunities

  • Agricultural banking institutions like American AgCredit and Yosemite Farm Credit.
  • Agrochemical companies such as Stevia First Corporation or Horizon-Ag Products
  • Government agencies like USDA, EPA and California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Agriculture marketing services for AgSafe or American AgCredit
  • Agriculture operations specialists for ConAgra Foods or SupHerb Farms
  • Local and international agricultural production companies
  • Educational institutions such as UC Davis, CSU Stanislaus and local school districts

icon Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with concentrations available in:
    - Agricultural Biology
    - Agricultural Economics
    - Sustainable Agriculture
    -General Concentration 
  • Minor in Agriculture

Agricultural Studies Alumni


"Agricultural studies is a unique program that allowed me to achieve my educational goals in a local agricultural community and opened the door to a consulting job upon my graduation."

Helen Ott
Agricultural Studies Alumni