Discover what you can learn and where an agriculture major can take you.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Agriculture is a multidisciplinary program that blends a number of academic disciplines into the following four concentrations: Agricultural Biology, Agricultural Economics, Sustainable Agriculture, and General Agriculture. Students in the program gain a rich understanding of agricultural production, marketing, entrepreneurship, sustainability and management through experiential learning and supervised research activities. The major fosters sustainable relationships with area community colleges through the implementation of a “2+2” arrangement. Individuals who have an A.S. degree or equivalent in lower-division course work in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Horticulture, Plant Science or any closely related fields should consider obtaining their bachelor of science degree in the program. Students in the program enjoy individualized advising and mentoring, small classes and curriculum based internship program, leading to high job and graduate school placement rates.

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  • Experiential learning opportunities in food and agricultural sciences
  • Leadership development in the food and agricultural industry
  • Working with agriculturists and applied economists
  • Problem solving
  • Agribusiness startups 
  •  Nature and outdoors
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  • Production/marketing of ag produce
  • Agricultural and environmental resource management
  • Agribusiness entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Global perspectives on food issues
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  • Agricultural Sales/Marketing Officer
  • Agricultural Credit Analyst/ Loan Officer
  • Farm Supervisor/Manager
  • Crop/Pest Control Advisor (CCA/PCA)
  • Natural Resource Conservationist
  • Sustainable Food Producer
  • Sustainability Expert/Manager
  • Nursery Manager/Supervisor
  • Agriculture Teacher
  • Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant 
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Career Opportunities

  • Local Agricultural Banks (Yosemite Farm Credit, American AgCredit, etc.)
  • Pest Control and Agrochemical Companies (Mid-Valley Ag, Simplot, etc.)
  • Nurseries (Duarte Nursery Inc., • Frantz Nursery, etc.)
  • Local agribusinesses (Foster Farms, Hilmar Cheese, Stanislaus Farm Supply, Grower Direct Nut Co., etc.)
  • Ag Consulting companies
  • Local School Districts (Turlock, Merced, Manteca, etc.)
  • Government Agencies (USDA, CFDA, etc.)
  • Non-governmental agencies Agricultural Extension programs in California (UC Extension, etc.)
  • Graduate programs in California and across the U.S. 
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Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with concentrations available in:
    - Agricultural Biology
    - Agricultural Economics
    - Sustainable Agriculture
    -General Concentration 
  • Minor in Agriculture

Experiential Learning Activities:

  • StanFresh: On campus farmers market
  • StanFresh: Community
  • Sponsored Agriculture (CSA)
  • Internship (required)
  • Leadership and Professional development activities through Agricultural Ambassadors
  • Faculty Supervised Research
  • Taste of the Valley 

Raquel Gomes

"In the agriculture program, students grow intellectually and achieve their career goals. The training and support from my advisors and faculty, prepared me for a research assistantship position and my M.S. degree in Horticulture at a research university. "

Agriculture Alumni

Updated: July 15, 2024