California Promise 2-Year Graduation Pledge

The Stanislaus State California Promise 2-Year Graduation Pledge is a program designed to guarantee graduation within 2 years for California resident students with an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), as created by 10AS17UEPC, Campus Implementation of SB 412. Transfer students who are committed to graduating in 2 years by way of the Stanislaus State California Promise 2-Year Graduation Pledge program will be provided 1). An assigned California Promise major advisor who will assist in developing an enrollment plan, will meet at least once per semester to monitor academic progress, and who will help to modify the plan as appropriate; and 2). Priority registration in the second pass, by student classification, for each enrollment period.

To be eligible for the Stanislaus State California Promise 2-Year Graduation Pledge program, students must meet the following qualifications and requirements:


  • Be a California resident;
  • Have completed an Associate Degree for Transfer; and
  • Declared a major deemed similar by Stanislaus State.


  • Sign the California Promise 2-Year Pledge Form
  • Meet with an assigned California Promise major advisor to develop an enrollment plan.
  • Enter the enrollment plan into STAN Planner.
  • Enroll in classes and pay fees by the required deadlines.
  • Meet at least once per semester with the assigned California Promise major advisor to monitor and modify the enrollment plan as appropriate, and update the plan into STAN Planner accordingly.
  • Complete 30 semester units that count toward the enrollment plan within each academic year (Winter Intersession and Summer Session included).

California Promise - Advising Resource

STAN Planner

STAN Planner can help faculty quickly review and assess student progress toward their degree and plan for upcoming semesters. STAN Degree Progress is also a helpful tool for a quick review of how a student is meeting GE and Major Requirements. Here are a few quick tips for use of STAN Planner and STAN Degree Progress

Roles and Responsibilities

Enrollment Services

  1. ID eligible students.
  2. Market CA Promise and send pledge info to student & receive signed pledges.
  3. Notify departments of participants.

Academic Department

  1. Receive notification of participants from Enrollment Services.
  2. Integrate CA Promise advising into existing ADT advising process including Ed Plan with use of STAN Planner.

ASC Faculty Fellow

  1. Partner with ES and AVP in messaging CA Promise advising to faculty and ASC staff advisors within current ADT advising.
  2. Partner with ES in conducting STAN Planner training for academic departments.

Enrollment Services & Academic Departments monitor compliance with pledge.

  • ES sets priority registration in system and communicates registration date as usual to students.
  • Department faculty meet with student to set up Ed Plan in STAN Planner and release CA Promise Advising hold.
  • ES sends to departments report of possible Off-Track students each semester.
  • ES to send Off-Track message to students whose STAN Planner report extends past two year period based on their term of entry.
  • Departments notify ES when a student drops from program (student-initiated or department initiated) with explanation why.

CA Promise: Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Updated: September 07, 2023