STAN Planner

STAN Planner is an interactive tool available in myStanState to help you plan your courses! This user-friendly interface gives you a visual presentation of your path to timely degree completion. STAN Planner is available to nearly all undergraduate majors and minors.

Get support with...

  • The best-recommended sequence of courses based on your major and progress.
  • An interactive filter to select courses that best fit degree requirements and interests.
  • A summary of progress in 1 or 2 easy-to-understand pages.
  • Determining courses of action, such as taking summer classes or changing majors.

STAN Planner Quick Guide

Stan Scheduler

Stan Scheduler allows you to create and compare multiple class schedules for a semester based on course preferences as well as other commitments such as your work, sport and/or family schedules.

Get support with...

  • Importing your planned courses from STAN Planner.
  • Generating every possible schedule for you so you can maximize your course selections.
  • Using filters to select preferred class type or instructors.
  • Viewing up to four schedules side-by-side and compare options
  • After selecting your preferred schedule, you can import your schedule into your shopping cart.  You can hold your class schedule in your shopping cart and finish enrolling when your registration appointment begins.

STAN Scheduler Quick Guide

If you have questions, please contact Enrollment Services at (209) 667-3264 or visit MSR 120. Questions about major requirements should be discussed with your major advisor. Questions about General Education courses and University graduation requirements can be discussed with an Advising and Success Center advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

STAN Planner is a planning tool while the STAN Degree Progress remains the authoritative source for all graduation requirements. Some requirements cannot be accounted for in STAN Planner, such as GPA requirements and units in residence.

Tip: It is recommended that students and advisors run an Advising Report with Planned courses from within STAN Planner to ensure all degree requirements are being met.

No. Students must use the Declaration or Change of Degree Objective form.

The only exception is if a major requires a concentration or area of interest. If required, a student will be asked to select a concentration/area of interest in order to use STAN Planner, this will be an official update to the student’s record. Any further changes will need to be submitted through Enrollment Services as described above.

Yes, if that major and catalog year are currently available in STAN Planner. Change of major requests are processed through the Enrollment Services Office. Once the change of major is entered, it is immediately available in STAN Planner.

Yes, if that major/minor and catalog year have been built in STAN Planner. The overview page of the planner will indicate which majors/minors are being accounted for in STAN Planner.

Yes. STAN Planner utilizes transfer and test credit and related course information from the student’s STAN Degree Progress.

Yes, course substitutions are accounted for in STAN Planner and are removed from the planned courses in the roadmap. Approved substitutions should be submitted to Enrollment Services using the Substitution for (Waiver of) Departmental Degree Requirement form.

Tip: If you know a substitution has been submitted, but has not been processed, you may use the ‘Remove’ feature to move the requirement to the ‘Manually Removed Courses’ section at the bottom of the plan.  Once the substitution is processed, the requirement will be satisfied and no longer appear in the "Manually Removed Courses" section of the STAN Planner.

STAN Planner saves automatically every time you make a change within the tool.

Normally this occurs when there are not enough units in the remaining semesters for the unassigned courses to be placed.  Courses may also appear here if a student has not completed the necessary pre-requisites.

Tip: Under "Preferences," add semesters and/or additional units to existing semesters to resolve this issue.  Once you have updated your preferences, click “Refresh Suggestions” on the main screen.

Students who need assistance resolving unassigned requirements should meet with their department advisor or Evaluator.

Staff/Faculty who need assistance determining why a course is in unassigned requirements should consult the Enrollment Services Office.

An error indicates that a student or advisor cannot proceed with a change until the error is resolved. A warning serves as a cautionary notice; it will let the student or advisor proceed with making a change.

Refresh Defaults – restores the term and unit preferences back to the default for that specific plan.

Refresh Suggestions – sets the recommended order of courses back to default for the major, with the exception of courses that have been locked into a term.

Reset – allows students to undo drag and drop changes made during the current session.

Updated: July 17, 2024