Master of Arts in Education

School Administration Concentration

This is a very exciting and challenging time in education. A critical need exists for effective school administrators who are qualified to lead a new generation of educators and are committed to quality education.

California State University, Stanislaus offers a nationally recognized program in professional graduate level study leading to the Master of Arts in Education (School Administration Concentration). In addition, the course work leads to a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, which allows a graduate to serve in any administrative capacity in education.

School Administration faculty members are committed to preparing wise, scholarly, compassionate, and ethical educational leaders. Each course offers not only practical and theoretical methods of school management, but also the highest ethical principles. Graduates are expected to serve as models of leadership in the schools of the future.

Faculty members are extremely proud of the accomplishments of past graduates and feel a special pride and satisfaction in the large number of these persons who are holding significant positions. Faculty members wish to continue this tradition by having candidates who possess the personal qualities and leadership potential to pursue graduate course work in school leadership at CSU Stanislaus.


Enrollment in the Masters of Arts in Education (School Administration Concentration) Program offers three options for completing the culminating scholarly activity: (1) thesis, (2) project, and (3) comprehensive examination. Specific course requirements are listed below.

Required Credential Courses (24 units)

EDAD 5801 - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (4 units)
EDAD 5802 - School Personnel and School Finance (4 units)
EDAD 5803 - The 21st Century Principal (4 units)
EDAD 5804 - School Law (4 units)
EDAD 5805 - Community Participation in Schools (4 units)
EDAD 5806 - Work Experience Project (2 units) Fall
EDAD 5807 - Field Work Project (2 units) Spring

Graduate Core Courses (9 units)

Option 1: Thesis
EDGS 5510 - Introduction to Educational Research (3)
EDGS 5600 - Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education (3)
EDGS 5610 - Introduction to Quantitative Research in Education (3)
EDGS 5990 - Thesis (3)

Option 2: Project
EDGS 5510 - Introduction to Educational Research (3)
EDGS 5600 - Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education (3)
EDGS 5620 - Action Research: Mixed Methods Design for Practitioners (3)
EDGS 5960 - Project (3)

Option 3: Comprehensive Examination
EDGS 5510 - Introduction to Educational Research in Education (3 units)
Elective Coursework (6 units) 1
Comprehensive Examination 2

1 Candidates will enroll in elective courses approved by the Coordinator of the School Administration Program.

2 The comprehensive examination requirement is satisfied by the submission of a passing score from the School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA) or the California Preliminary Administrative Credential Examination (CPACE)A minimum passing score for the SLLA is 173.  A minimum passing score for the CPACE-Written component is 220, and the minimum passing score for the CPACE-Video component is also 220.  Passage of both the CPACE-Written and the CPACE-Video components are required to pass the CPACE examination. The candidate is responsible for registering for the examination and paying all required fees.  The candidate should provide the Advanced Studies Office with passage verification.  Additional information regarding the SLLA may be found at the ETS School Leadership Series website and the CPACE at the CTC CPACE website.




Both the MA and credential programs in School Administration are fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).