M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction with Concentration in Educational Technology

The program is a 30-unit program requiring 14 units of Educational Technology coursework, 6 units of Core Graduate coursework, 4-8 units of Elective coursework, and 2-6 units of Project or Thesis coursework.

Educational Technology Coursework:

The EDIT courses are offered on a 2-year rotating cycle as follows:

  • EDMA 5200: Educational Technology Issues (3; online)
  • EDMA 5210: Advanced Technology Integration Strategies (3; hybrid course, nights)
  • EDMA 5220: Multimedia Development in Education (3; hybrid course, nights)
  • EDMA 5230: The Technology Coordinator (3; online)
  • EDMA 5240: Research in Ed Tech and Data Driven Decision Making (3; online)

*Note: Course prefixes and numbers changed in May, 2013 while course names remained unchanged.  Previous course prefixes and numbers, in the order listed above, were EDIT 5200, EDIT 4710, EDIT 4720, EDIT 5300, and EDIT 5400

The EDMA Prefix is found in the schedule under Curriculum and Instruction.

Core Foundations Courses:

All of these courses require students to have Classified status. You will be required to complete 6 units of EDGS coursework as follows:

  • EDGS 5510 Introduction to Ed Research (3)
  • EDGS 5600 Qualitative Research Methods (3) OR
  • EDGS 5610 Quantitative Research Methods (3) OR
  • EDGS 5620 Action Research:  Mixed Methods (3)
  • ***EDGS 5510 is a prerequisite for EDGS 5600, EDGS 5610, and EDGS 5620.
    ***EDGS 5600, EDGS 5610 and EDGS 5620 can be taken as electives if you enroll in more than one of the courses.


Elective courses come from the College of Education list of Curriculum and Instruction courses (PDF), ensuring that you complete at least one of the courses from the Methods section on that list. The range in elective units (4 to 8) accommodates the number of units you wish to enroll in for your project or thesis.

Project/Thesis Units:

You may enroll in 1-3 units during two semesters, for a total of 2-6 project or thesis units. Enrollment requires Classified status, and is encouraged near the completion of your program. You must be enrolled in project/thesis units the semester you graduate. Download the registration form (PDF). If you have completed both terms of enrollment and have still not finished your Project/Thesis, you must enroll in Continuing Enrollment (PDF), a $125 fee-based enrollment.

Admission into the Educational Technology Program

  1. Apply for admission to the university.
  2. Submit a copy of teaching credential to Advanced Studies in Education, P348, or contact the program coordinator to discuss waiving this requirement.
  3. Within one semester, forward the following items to Advanced Studies in Education, P348, in order to be fully Classified in the program.
    1. Submit two letters of recommendation completed by persons familiar with applicant's professional competence and one Faculty Recommendation Form (MS Word Version/PDF Version) completed by an M.A. program professor.
    2. Demonstrate writing competence by submitting evidence indicating satisfying one of three options: 1) a score of at least 41 on the writing section of CBEST, 2) a passing score on the writing skills section of CSET, 3) or a score of 4.0 or better on the writing test of the GRE.

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