Phi Kappa Phi is not an honorary society or fraternity. Membership is earned; it is a true honor. Meeting Phi Kappa Phi's criteria reflects scholarly excellence which, in turn, merits the distinction of membership. Admission is invitation-only and requires nomination approval by Stanislaus State Chapter 282. Requirements include:

  • Juniors must have completed at least 72 credit hours, with at least 24 semester hours at Stanislaus State, and rank in the top 7.5 percent of their class.
  • Seniors must have completed at least 90 credit hours, with at least 24 semester hours at Stanislaus State, and rank in the top 10 percent of their class.
  • Graduate students must have completed at least 18 graduate hours or the equivalent at Stanislaus State and rank in the top 10 percent of their class.
  • Faculty, professional staff and alumni who achieve scholarly distinction may also be eligible.

Because of their outstanding records, members of Phi Kappa Phi often are preferred candidates for grants, scholarships, and fellowships from institutions where they may continue their education or do research. When they seek jobs, they find their Phi Kappa Phi membership is widely accepted as an indicator of academic ability and motivation.

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The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi offers numerous benefits and resources to assist members throughout their academic and professional lives. From awards totaling $1.4 million each biennium, to exclusive discounts from over 25 corporate partners, we provide a wide range of exclusive benefits and resources to our members. 

We invite you to make the most of your membership by taking advantage of all of the exclusive benefits and resources available to you.

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Faculty & Staff Members

  • Thomas Abram, Mathematics—2008
  • Kofi Akwabi-Ameyaw, Anthropology—2002
  • Jung-Ha An, Mathematics—2013
  • Steve Arounsack, Anthropology—2016
  • Ellen Bell, Anthropology—2014
  • John A. Borba, Advanced Studies in Education—2003
  • Nancy Burroughs, Communication Studies—2001 (transferred)
  • Annhenrie Campbell, Accounting and Finance—2003
  • Bret Evan Carroll, History—2006
  • Thomas Carter, Computer Science—2010
  • Marjorie Chan, Management/Operations/Marketing—2003 (transferred)
  • Dave Colnic, Public Administration—2014
  • Scott Christopher Davis, English—2013
  • Pi-Sheng Deng, Computer Information Systems—2016
  • Cynthia DeCure, Theatre Arts—2012 (transferred)
  • Randi Esau, Staff in Academic Programs—2015 (retired)
  • Steven Filling, Accounting—2002
  • Tim J. Firch, Business Administration—2015
  • Juan Flores, Teacher Education—2010
  • Philip Garone, History—2012
  • Marina Gerson, Biological Sciences—2012
  • Tahi J. Gnepa, Management/Operations/Marketing—2004
  • Kimberly Greer, Provost and Vice President—(transferred)
  • Mark Grobner, Biological Sciences—2012 (transferred)
  • Peggy Hauselt, Geography—2016
  • Janice Herring, Kinesiology—Charter
  • Kathleen Hidalgo, Business Administration/Counselor Education—2011
  • Annie Hor, Library—2010
  • Tzu-Man Huang, Accounting—2011
  • Marjorie Jaasma, Special Assistant to the Provost—2014
  • Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, Economics—2007
  • Lynn Johnson, Accounting—2014 (transferred)
  • Ellen Junn, University President—(transferred)
  • Deborah Kavasch, Music—2001
  • Ann Kohlhaas, Biological Sciences—2007
  • David Lindsay, Accounting—2002
  • Xun “Sunny” Liu, Communication Studies—2013
  • Victor Luevano, Psychology—2014
  • Therese Lunt, History, Theater—2007
  • Susan Marshall, English—2007
  • John Mayer, Theatre—2001 (transferred)
  • Caroline Mercier, Theatre—2010
  • Sari Miller-Antonio, Anthropology—2000
  • Mildred Murray-Ward, Teacher Education—2006 (transferred)
  • Gene Murti, Management/Operations/Marketing—2002
  • Todd Nelson, Psychology—2001
  • Paul O’Brien, Sociology—1999
  • Wendy Olmstead, Political Science—2007
  • Stephanie Paterson, English—2013
  • Anthony Perrello, English—2016
  • Dawn Poole, Advanced Studies in Education—2011
  • Kenneth Potts, Library—2007
  • Samuel Regalado, History—1999
  • Stephen Routh, Political Science/Public Administration—2011
  • Katherine Royer, History—2009
  • Arnold Schmidt, English—2005
  • Joseph Sheley, Former President—2016 (retired)
  • Harold Stanislaw, Psychology—Charter
  • Koni Stone, Chemistry—Charter
  • James Strong, Business Administration—2011 (transferred)
  • Stephen B. Stryker, English—2015
  • Dawn Strongin, Psychology—2009
  • Viji Sundar, Mathematics—2002
  • Kim Tan, Accounting and Finance—2009
  • James Tuedio, Philosophy and Modern Languages—2007
  • Richard Wallace, Anthropology—2015
  • Richard Weikart, History—2000
  • Joan Wink, Teacher Education—2002
  • Molly Winter, English—2014
  • Andy Young, Philosophy—2001
  • Shawna Young, Kinesiology—2009
  • James Youngblom, Biological Sciences—2006
  • Janey Youngblom, Biological Sciences—2002

As of 5/15/2017.