Current Students

How to receive your VA benefits while enrolled at Stanislaus State:

  1. Enrollment Cards – These are used to certify the classes you are currently enrolled in. Each semester you register for classes you need to turn in an enrollment card in order for your certification to be processed. Also, if you add or drop a class, you need to notify the Veteran Affairs Office via e-mail at as soon as possible. 
  2. Certification Process – Veteran Affairs will only certify the classes that you are actively enrolled in and that are in line with your degree. Any classes that are waitlisted will not be certified. Once you have actively been enrolled, it is your responsibility to notify the Veteran Affairs Office of the change in your schedule. Also, any class that is not in line with your degree will not be certified. You will be financially responsible for any costs incurred for the classes not certified. You will be contacted if I cannot certify you for a specific class.
  3. Veteran Fee Waivers (Cal Vet Waiver) – A new approval for your Veteran Fee Waiver needs to be turned in every fiscal year (Summer to Spring Semesters) in order for your benefits to continue.

What to do when you receive your Activation Notification:

Before you Leave

  1. Notify the school and your professor/instructor that you have been activated and present the appropriate administrator with a copy of your orders.
  2. Be sure to make contact either in person or via telephone. Leaving a voicemail or email message is insufficient because further information may be required.
  3. Keep a record of names, dates, individuals, and a brief summary of your conversations with the school and lending institution.
  4. Notify your school's VA Certifying Official at your school that you have been activated and present your activation orders. Discuss the appropriate course of action with the VA Certifying Official at your school. Note: Do not withdraw from school until you have your orders.
  5. Fill out a Leave of Absense Form with the Enrollment Services office.
  6. Contact your student loan lending institution. It is your responsibility to follow through with any procedure the lender indicates.
  7. Call your Education Office. If you encounter any problems resolving your academic status, request assistance from your Education coordinator.

Note: To ensure proper credit and to prevent any financial loss to the soldier, these steps must be completed prior to departure.

When you Return

  1. Contact the VA Certifying Official at your school to determine your eligibility for the Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP - Chapter 1607) or the Active Duty GI Bill® (MGIB-AD Chapter 30) and to establish reinstatement of your benefits.
  2. To determine your eligibility for MGIB-AD Chapter 30, contact the ARNG GI Bill® Support Team ( or your state GI Bill® Manager.
  3. Upon redeployment, if you plan to continue your education, contact your college admissions professional to find out what steps you must take to re-enroll. If you withdrew from school, you may be required to re-apply in order to get back into their system. Contact your school's admissions counselor for application details and to determine your class standing. Note: Depending on how long you were away from school, this process may differ from that of a first time applicant.
  4. Re-establish contact with your academic advisor to discuss continuation of your degree program. Contact your Evaluator to discuss the applicable credit for your military experience and training.
  5. Contact your state Education Services Officer and TA Manager to determine eligibility for tuition assistance and state-funded education assistance (if applicable).