Returning Admissions

Who is considered a returning student?

Student studying

Students who do not enroll in at least one semester each academic year must reapply to the University following the standard admission application process. Extended Education courses do not count toward this requirement. New students who were not enrolled as of the census date for the term they were admitted are not considered returning students.


Returning in Good Standing

Students returning to Stanislaus State must reapply and follow all established admission dates and deadlines. For readmission purposes, follow the "Transfer" dates and deadlines.

Returning after Disqualification

Students returning to Stanislaus State after being disqualified must be reinstated following the appropriate instructions:

Students must reapply following established admission dates and deadlines. Please note by when your reinstatement must be completed based on the term you have applied for:

Spring 2018 Reinstatement deadline: January 12, 2018.
Fall 2018 Reinstatement deadline: June 29, 2018. If reinstated after May 1, you must accept your admission offer and pay the enrollment deposit within two weeks of being admitted.