Other Fees

Dishonored Payments/Returned Checks

Checks or Online payments presented for payment and returned unpaid to Stanislaus State are required to be redeemed within 10 working days. A $25 returned fee will be assessed for the first check or Online payment returned regardless of the value or the writer. Each subsequent returned check or Online payment will be assessed a $35 returned fee. Placing a stop payment or closing your checking account does not release you from your obligation nor does it automatically drop you from enrollment. A hold will be placed on the affected student account until the value of the returned item and returned item fee has been paid in full. Placement of a hold effectively suspends all University services and will prevent future enrollment.

Payment for dishonored/returned checks or Online payments and the returned fee will be accepted only by cash, money order, or cashier’s check. A personal check, irrespective of the check writer, will not be accepted to pay for a dishonored check. In addition, check-writing privileges with the University by or on behalf of the affected student may be suspended.

Non-resident Tuition

The non-resident tuition fee of $396.00 per unit is payable by all students who have not been legal residents of the State of California for at least one year immediately preceding the residence determination date.

Tuition payable by non-resident and foreign visa students is in addition to tuition and fees required of California resident students except for enrollment in extension sessions. Questions regarding residency classification for admission eligibility and tuition purposes should be directed to the Residency Technician in the Enrollment Services Office at (209) 667-3152.

Initial determination of residency status is made by University officials prior to or at the time of registration, and fees must be paid at registration. Full refund of non-resident fees paid will be made if final determination by the University legal advisor indicates that a student is a legal resident.

For more detailed information on residency determination and exceptions to tuition refer to “Determination of Residence” section in the current University Catalog.

Campus Parking Permit Fees

Parking permits may be purchased online from the University Police Department.