Any refund for which a student is eligible will be “automatic” when a student follows campus-established procedures to cancel the registration, drop courses, or withdraw for the academic period.  Refunds will be automatically processed following the census date for each academic term.

Students will be entitled to a full refund of mandatory fees and nonresident tuition only if they cancel their registration or drop all courses prior to the first day of instruction for an academic term.

Complete: Request for Refunds Form

All refunds will be subject to a $5.00 administrative charge.

How to Estimate a Pro-Rated Refund:

  • Count the number of days from the first day of term to the actual withdrawal date.
  • Divide by the number of days in the term and multiply it by the actual fees assessed to get your prorated fee.
  • Subtract pro-rated fee from actual fees assessed. This will be your approximate refund, minus an administrative charge.

Students who drop some but not all units resulting in a lower tuition and/or mandatory fee obligation within the campus designated drop period and in accordance with campus procedures will be entitled to a refund of the applicable difference in tuition and/or fee levels.

For state-supported non-standard terms or courses of less than four (4) weeks in length, students are not entitled to any refund unless the student cancels registration prior to the first day of instruction of the non-standard term or the first scheduled meeting in the case of “short courses.”

For state-supported semesters, quarters, and non-standard terms of four (4) weeks or more in length, students who drop all courses prior to the end of the campus-designated drop period or who officially withdraw no later than the sixty percent point in the academic period shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of tuition and mandatory fees.

The pro-rata refund is determined on the basis of the date of the student’s withdrawal and the length of the academic period. The length of the academic period is calculated from the first day of instruction through the final exam day of the period and excludes any breaks of five (5) days or more.

Exceptions to the policy, providing that the full amount of tuition and mandatory fees be refunded, are authorized where the fees were assessed or collected in error, the course for which the tuition and fees were assessed or collected was cancelled by the campus, the campus makes a delayed decision that a student was not eligible to enroll in the term for which mandatory fees were assessed and collected and the delayed decision was not due to a student not providing complete or accurate information, or the student was activated for compulsory military service.

Updated: February 05, 2024