Creating a Recognized Student Organization


Recognized Student Organizations at Stanislaus State


Registering a NEW Student Club or Organization will start November 1st through December 31st:

​Re-Registering a Currently Recognized Student Organizations will be open April 1st through June 30th, and officer training will need to be completed between July 1st and August 31st.  

As a reminder, your organization must:

Please make sure your club/org still meets all of the requirements to continue recognition and follow these steps to re-register your organization on

If you need to change your officers after you submit your registration form, please complete an Organization Change Form on WarriorLife.

Registration processing times graph

Student Organization Benefits of Recognition, Officer Information, & Training:


All three recognized officers (President, Treasurer, and Student Event Coordinator) must complete the following:

  • Officer Agreement Form
  • Officer Training Video
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Misuse Training Video
  • Member Roster on WarriorLife (President ONLY)
  • ASI Administrative Account Agreement (President and Treasurer ONLY)

Recognized Student Organizations are able to:

  • Reserve University and Student Center space for meetings and social gatherings on campus
  • Post material in appropriate locations around campus
  • Receive an organization mailbox, located in the Student Leadership & Development
  • Receive on-campus accounting services through ASI
  • Hold food fundraisers or special events that enable your RSO to raise funds for the organization or a chosen charitable/philanthropic purpose.
  • Advising from the Office of Student Leadership and Development on the following:
    • Special Event Planning
    • Fundraising
    • Leadership and Officer Training
    • WarriorLife Implementation for your RSO


All Presidents must complete the officer training each year. Only the President will be able to submit the WarriorLife registration form. The Presidents will have access to the group on the WarriorLife and can give access permissions to other officers.

CONSTITUTION UPDATE | Each year, it is required that you update your organization's constitution. You can attach it to your organizations registration and maintain a copy in the documents section of your WarriorLife page.

MEMERSHIP ROSTER | In addition, it is required that you do an annual review of your membership roster on WarriorLife to maintain an accurate count of active, inactive, and alumni members.

Instructions to submit an RSO Membership Roster/Grade Authorization:

1. Click FILE > MAKE A COPY. This will allow you to type on your own copy, not the template.

2. Rename YOUR COPY as "Organization_Semester_Year". EX: "SLD_Spring_2022"

3. List all active and new/prospective members. If a member has been inactive for a year or more, do not include them on your roster.

4. Share with the following email addresses: and


All Student Event Coordinators must complete the officer training in order to utilize the 25Live reservation and WarriorLife event system. The Student Event Coordinator is the only position responsible for entering events into the 25Live reservations system. 


All Treasurers must complete officer training, provided by ASI via WarriorLife, to discuss policies and procedures related to their RSO on-campus account.

Contact Name: Maria Marquez Mendoza
Phone Number: (209) 667-3833


As a Recognized Student Organization Advisor, you are required to complete an Advisor training under Executive Order 1068 Club Advisors and Training/Orientation Programs. These items can be completed through the WarriorLife platform as you see below.

For more information about the Advisor role, please visit the Student Organization Handbook, page 28.

Please contact your SLD Advisor for questions: 

link to calendar

Julie Anaya, Coordinator for Student Organizations & Fraternity/Sorority Life
SLD Office: 209-667-3778
Direct: 209-664-6830

Michell Mercado Aguirre / Student Organization Intern /

Gisselle Morales / Fraternity/Sorority Life Intern /

Deanna Morales / Student Events Intern /