Student Organizations

Accounting Society: Academic/ Professional

To organize meetings for students to meet accounting professionals and learn about the different options available in the accounting profession. 

President: Walter Juarez
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Alpha Phi Omega: Service

To create a co-ed, diverse brotherhood committed to lifelong leadership, lasting friendship, and providing service to all. We maintain a fun and positive environment to build the leading service fraternity on campus. 

President: Ryan Lough 
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Anthropology Club: Academic/Professional

To bring together those students of Cal State Stanislaus, to whom are interested in the fields of Anthropology and the sub-disciplines thereof, together in order to further their knowledge and experience in the discipline. Through organized social, educational, and philanthropic activities we hope to raise awareness of anthropology as a discipline. 

President: Eilanra Abdesho Kavsi
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Art Club: Special Interest 

Promote the study and practice of visual arts, support visual artists from Stanislaus State, promote public interest in the arts and to stimulate and develop individual abilities by providing the opportunity to participate in discussions, workshops, critiques and museum trips. 

President: Sandi Amaral 
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Asian Pacific Islander Club: Cultural 

To build a network for the Asian student population at CSUS or those students in attendance who share the appreciation for the Asian Pacific Islander culture. It is intended to build awareness of the Asian cultures on campus and therefore promote a sage environment for Asian American and Pacific Islander students. 

President: Chelsea Taitano 
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ASBSN Student Nurses Association: Academic/Professional

A student nurses group associated with the Accelerated Second Bachelor of Science Nursing Program and the Stanislaus State Stockton campus. 

President: Krista Miles
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Beta Alpha Psi: Academic/Professional 

To organize meeting for students to meet accounting professionals and learn about the different options available in the accounting profession. 

President: Walter Juarez
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Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative: Service

The Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative of Stanislaus State strives to perform Seva (selfless service), with a focus on spreading health awareness, throughout the Central Valley. Established in 2014, we are working towards becoming deep-rooted within our community with the help of our devoted volunteers providing quality health screening, as well as our volunteer healthcare professionals giving individualized attention and health education to patients.

President: Sundeep Bhopal
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Biology Student Association: Academic

Encompasses all aspects of biology, from the pure to the applied. 

President:Ryan Ally 
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Catholic Student Association: Spiritual

The purpose of the Catholic Student Association is to promote faith and fellowship in a college environment. 

President: Christian Gutierrez

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship: Spiritual

We are a student Faith Movement for all nations. We see the Kingdom of Heaven manifest on our campus and delivered to the nations!

President: Terrance Sims
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Criminal Justice Club, Sigma Chi Upsilon: Academic/Professional

A professional club seeking opportunities in fundraising and helping our local youth. We take part in opportunities that help us better understand the Criminal Justice System. We take part in meeting new people in both the Criminal Justice field and outside. 

President: Nicolas Yeomans
President Email:

Economic Student Association: Academic/ Professional

Promote a better understanding of economics in an informal context. Facilitate interaction among students and faculty about ideas, course information, etc. The club encourages students/faculty relations through a number of events. Provide information to all those interested in studying Economics at the undergraduate level and beyond.

President: Todd Clayton
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Endeavor: Academic 

To create connections within the honors' student community, provide support for new students entering the program, and to provide organized service opportunities for the honors' community.

President: Joslyn Hillberg 
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Entrepreneurship Student Association: Academic/Professional 

We want to teach and encourage entrepreneurship because it creates jobs. Small businesses are the number one creation of jobs in America, it creates jobs. Small businesses arethe number one creation of jobs in America, it creates wealth, and value. It's the best way to get rich. 

President: Alexandra Honadel 
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Faculty Mentor Program Student Organization: Social

To provide students with the opportunities for leadership, association, and interaction with faculty, staff and fellow students of Stanislaus State, and with the members of the community. Also to encourage faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom through mentoring.

President: Ashley Campbell 
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The Feminist Equality Club 

The purposes of this organization are to educate the public on various aspects of feminism, inform the general public on issues such as women’s rights, gender, equality and race, and provide a safe space for discussion and a platform for self-expression.

President: Madison Bettencourt 
President Email:

Finance Association: Academic/Professional 

The Finance Association is a Stan State Student organization which strives to enhance Stan State by offering all students the opportunity to belong to an association which focuses on promoting a better understanding of the benefits that finance concentration offers, as well as the benefit of community service.

President: Sydney Chhiv 
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Geography Club: Academic/Professional & Service

An organization of students who share an interest in geography. This club offers opportunities for students to explore geographic features in CA and offer information about what is happening in the world of geography today.

President: Stephanie Lopez 
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Hmong Student Association: Cultural 

Serves as purpose to bridge the cultural difference between the Hmong community and mainstream society. 

President: Chou Yang 
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Hunger Network: Service

To assist and support those who are experiencing hunger and living in poverty.

President: Mariela Ramirez
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Kinesiology Club, Stanislaus State: Academic/Professional

The purpose of the Kinesiology Club is to provide students with the opportunity to explore and promote the field of kinesiology through various interactions between students, faculty, and professionals in the community.

President:Cody Mullins
President Email:

Love Evolution: Cultural

Love Evolution is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus (LGBTQ+)/Marginalized Orientation, Gender Identity, and Intersex (MOGII) organization that seeks to empower and support its members through information, workshops, socials, on-campus events, and community service opportunities.

President: Shelby Zahn 
President Email:

Masters of Social Work Association (MSW) – Academic/Professional

This is an all inclusive club that represents all current social work students at Stanislaus State. 

President: Adriana Ocampo 
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Math Club: Academic 

To give math and non-math majors the opportunity to meet and interact with other fellow students in their prospective majors. 

President: Emmanuel Estrada 

Movimiento Estufiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A) – Cultural

This organization promotes higher education, social justice, culture, and history by hosting weekly meetings, educational events and entertaining socials. 

President: Julio Dimas 
President Email:

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - Special Interest 

The NAMI on Campus club is student-led. The club tackles mental health issues on campus by raising mental health awareness, educating the campus community, supporting and connecting students, advocating and promoting services and supports. 

President: Marnye Henry 
President Email:

OneLife – Spiritual

To help college student meet new people, ask questions, and explore the Christian faith. We want to learn what the authentic Christian life looks like and live it out. We are taking a journey of being awakened to, engaging in and becoming who we are originally meant to be. We will do this through speakers, music, discussions, friendship, challenges, study, asking questions, serving others and being real with each other. 

President: Marta Rivera 
President Email:

Operations Management -  Academic/Professional

To nourish the passion of operations management for our club members by exposing them to a unity of similarly interested students and making them more competitively advantageous in the career market. 

President: Daniel Gonzalez  
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Peer Health Educators – Academic/Professional

The Peer Health Educators are a student lead organization that strives to educated and facilitate educational and instructional activities, workshops, involving the four main areas of health: Nutrition, physical activity, sexual health and alcohol and other drugs. 

President: Diego Martinez 
President Email:


The purpose of Penumbra Club is to fain awareness of our annual Art and Literary magazine, to boost submissions, and to generate money that goes towards the magazine. 

President: Amy Machado 
President Email:

Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society – Honor Society

We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through good teaching, the encouragement of research, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among peers.

President: Brandon Guzman 
President Email:

Pre Health Society: Academic/Professional 

The organization provides the members with help in advising, community service, internships, research, and job opportunities, as well as uniting students with similar goals and aspirations. 

President: Shadi Safi 
President Email:

Pre Pharmacy Society: Academic/Professional

To serve the undergraduate students of Stanislaus State by providing opportunities to aid in their development for their interest in pharmacy. 

President: Tamara Sada
President Email:

Psi Chi, Psychology Honors Society – Honor Society

To encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. 

President: Rachel Griffin 
President Email:

Printmaking Club - Academic

Provide opportunities for community participation in the artmaking processes of Printmaking. Provide and promote activities and events that educate and promote professional values and critical assessment of creative works in Printmaking. Provide opportunities through various venues for Printmaking students to exhibit their aesthetic values of this form of artmaking. Planning and developing of resources, short and long term, to meet the goal of supporting the professional efforts and programs of the Printmaking area, its students, and its faculty in the Department of Art at Stanislaus.

President: Alejandro Fernandez
President Email:

Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society – Academic/Professional

This honor society is dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of literature as an art form.

President: Tatiana Olivera 
President Email:

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (S.I.A.M) – Academic/Professional

The purpose of this organization is to give math and non math majors the opportunity to schedule and give math related talks. 

President: Emmanuel Estrada
President Email:

Society of Physics Students: Academic/Professional

Inform physics students about grad school, do physics activities, tutor physics classes if need, and get the physics students together. 

President: Joseph Mini
President Email:

Sociology Club – Service

The purpose of this organization is to provide student-to-student interaction, intellectual stimulation, meaningful community service projects, as well as networking opportunities.

President: Marisol Hernandez 
President Email:

Student California Student Association Stanislaus - Academic/Professional 

To offer the tools necessary to foster interest in the education profession pre-professionals information about their rights, responsibilities, and vital support systems necessary to become committed part of the education professions. ZOur aim is to inspire and foster exemplary future leaders in education by providing opportunities to develop professionally. In addition, members hall be advocates for the California Teachers Association (CTA). 

President: Onieda Escobar 
President Email:

Student Nurses Association – Academic/Professional

To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of care. To provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concepts to nursing students. To aid the development of the whole person, including professional role and responsibility of healthcare to people in all walks of life.

President: Cassandra Landrum 
President Email:

Veteran’s Club – Social

Maximize education benefits and ensure students are aware of all resources available; develop social and professional relationships/networks, establish a positive presence in the local and campus community. 

President: Thomas Lazette
President Email:

Warrior Rewind - Professional 

Student-run sports broadcasting organization that focuses on teaching and developing skills required in a work environment suited for broadcasting and public relations. Brings the latest sports updates from the week prior that Stan State Warriors might have missed.

President: Megan Lavilla
President Email:

Warriors Chemistry Club - Academic 

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for science-oriented students to become better acquainted with all aspects concerning the field of chemistry. These aspects include recent advances in research, establishing relationships with science faculty at Stanislaus State, and developing a professional pride in chemistry.

President: Jing Lee
President Email: