Penumbra Press

Penumbra Press logoSince 1989, Penumbra has published the artistic and literary talents of students and creatives regionally, nationally, and internationally and has strived to be a champion for writers of all ages and backgrounds. As a publication, Penumbra is unique; its student-led staff personally solicits, selects, and edits its content and design. This journal provides its staff with the unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience putting together both an online and print publication featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid, and art pieces. This year Penumbra is excited to share a new opportunity: Penumbra Press, a new branch of the Stan State publication. Through Penumbra Press, we offer poets the chance to have their poems printed as physical and/or online chapbooks!

Penumbra Press has finished the selection process for this year’s chapbooks and we are proud to announce our three chapbooks. ON BIRDS / WINGS / ROADS / SILENCE by Dottie Lo Bue, patchwork hearts by Natt Bartell, and Swimming to Syria by Sandy Feinstein. We are proud to present their 2021 chapbooks which are now available online and will be available in limited print soon. You can read all three chapbooks online here:​ Penumbra Press Chapbooks - PENUMBRA ONLINE.

ON BIRDS / WINGS / ROADS / SILENCE by Dottie Lo BueOn Wings / Birds / Roads / Silence by Dottie Lo Bue

patchwork hearts by Natt Bartellpatchwork hearts by Natt Bartell

Swimming to Syria by Sandy Feinstein

Stanislaus State proudly digitizes current and past issues of Penumbra for public viewing. Potential reviewers are encouraged to browse the journal’s past and present offerings and note the journal’s diverse range of subject matter and contributors.