Every spring semester since 1989, Penumbra has proudly published a literary and art journal run entirely by students, who make the editorial decisions, format the journal, and sell the ad space. We accept submissions from the Stanislaus region, throughout the U. S., and abroad. We are currently taking submissions via Submittable from 10/5/2023 to 11/5/2023. To learn more about how to submit to our upcoming edition, visit the “Submissions” section on our Penumbra Online website.

Students interested in joining Penumbra should take English 4019

Every spring term, English 4019: Editing a Literary Magazine is offered. Students from all majors are welcome. Business, Communications, and Art majors are especially invited to share their talents marketing the journal and fashioning it's aesthetic—which changes every year. The class offers a unique educational opportunity for hands-on experience in professional publishing. For anyone considering careers in publishing, marketing, or writing, English 4019 will build your skills—and your résumés.

Penumbra Online

Penumbra Online is an online facet of Penumbra. Penumbra Online publishes two online editions (Summer and Fall) each year. Right now, we are working on our Fall 2023 edition of Penumbra Online, “Autumnal Transitions”. This edition of Penumbra is exclusively for students of high school age, and is meant to showcase the art of the youth in our community. Penumbra Online has past online editions and its current Fall 2022 edition is available to read. Penumbra Online also has many interactive ways to get in touch with Penumbra. Visit the Penumbra Online website to learn more.

Penumbra Press

Penumbra Press selected two chapbook authors for our second round of publications. After months of coordinating, editing, and designing, Penumbra Press is proud to present our second editions: Extraordinary Beast by Carolina Gonzalez (cover art done by Stanislaus State art student Jewel Rodriguez) and After a good day, through the night by Luke Valmadrid (cover art done by Stanislaus State art student Liliana Figueroa-Larios). We are currently in the process of publishing two more chapbooks in the near future. To view the chapbooks, visit the Penumbra Online Press Chapbooks webpage.

Penumbra Media

Penumbra has recently expanded their brand to include many interactive ways for our followers to get involved with Penumbra. With aspects including the Penumbra Online BlogPenumbra PodcastsPenumbra Readings, a Penumbra Spotify, and more Penumbra now has many ways to reach its readers. To learn more about different Penumbra media aspects, visit the Penumbra Media Tab or visit the PENUMBRA ONLINE - Home page and learn about all the new ways to enjoy Penumbra! You can also follow our Instagram or X account (@csustanpenumbra) for updates on our podcasts, playlists, and everything else Penumbra!

Penumbra Charity Events

Penumbra is a proud supporter of our campus community and for each edition, we make it a priority to find ways to support our campus.

Updated: October 18, 2023