About Penumbra

Since 1991, Penumbra has proudly published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and visual art by contributors from the Stanislaus region, from throughout the U.S., and from abroad. Our staff is composed entirely of students: they make all editorial decisions—which submissions to accept, how to design and format the journal, etc.—as well as selling all the advertising space.

We have no aesthetic or political agenda; we accept the best submissions we get, based on democratic deliberations. Because new students staff the journal each year, Penumbra’s look and contents are always evolving. If you read two different back issues, you’re likely to find two very different objects!

Annually, we launch the new issue with a reading on the CSU Stanislaus campus, usually near the beginning of May. These readings provide writers and artists with an excellent opportunity to share their work with a supportive audience.

Students Interested in Being On the Penumbra Team

English 4019: Penumbra is offered to students with junior (or higher) academic standing, possessing an interest in publishing. The course is offered every Spring as an English 4019 course, but the class isn’t just beneficial to English majors—it’s also beneficial to art, communications, and business majors. A huge part of Penumbra is marketing, which involves communicating with businesses in the area, communicating with authors and artists that submit their work, and generating funds for Penumbra each year by selling the magazine, ads, and coming up with fun events that could potentially generate revenue. The designing of the magazine is equally important as a Book Design team is put together to decide on Penumbra’s new look for that year. English 4019 gives students the chance to work in areas that they may plan on working in once they graduate, which is part of what makes the class such a unique course to the CSU Stanislaus campus.