About Penumbra

Since, 1990, Penumbra has been California State University, Stanislaus€™ only art and literary publication. Students with junior (or higher) academic standing, possessing an interest in publishing (students are not required to major in English, Art, or Journalism), have the opportunity to enroll in the English 4019 course, Editing Literary Magazines. This project creates an interactive environment that affords the students involved an opportunity to have the hands-on experience with the processes of editing, designing, and producing a literary magazine. Compiling, editing, evaluating, and publishing this journal have been the primary objectives of the Penumbra project at CSU Stanislaus for over two decades.

A vital aspect of the success of Penumbra is the variety and quantity of submissions received. Since affiliation with the University is not required, each year we begin a campaign to notify the community about the journal and our call for submissions.