Finding articles using the University Library

  1. The university website offers many different electronic databases for finding articles. See the databases for the biological sciences.
  2. Listed at the top is one of the best: Biological Abstracts (EBSCO). Note: you may need your university ID and password to search this database. To use Biological Abstracts, enter your search terms and select a field. I usually search in Abstracts (AB) to find articles that use the search term in their abstract. Try lots of different combinations of search terms to ensure that you have done an exhaustive search. For example, if you are interested in vernal pools, you may want to try various combinations of search terms such as wetlands, vernal, pools, temporary, ephemeral, hydric soils, etc.
  3. Once you get your list of results and see an article you want to read, click on "Find It". You will usually get a direct link to the electronic version of the article. If the library does not provide electronic access, click on "Request a Copy" through Inter-library Loan and fill out a brief form. The library will usually email you a pdf copy in a couple of days.

Updated: July 13, 2023