Dr. Gerard Wellman

Gerard Wellman portrait

Associate Professor of Public Administration

Educational Background

2011, Ph.D. in Public Administration, University of Nebraska at Omaha
2007, Master of Public Administration, University of Memphis
2003, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Louisiana State University

Academic Appointments

2012-2017, Assistant Professor of Public Administration, CSU, Stanislaus
2017-Present, Associate Professor of Public Administration, CSU, Stanislaus
2017-Present, Faculty Coordinator of High Impact Practices, CSU, Stanislaus
2016-Present, Master of Public Administration Program Co-Director, CSU, Stanislaus
2015-Present, Faculty Associate in Gender Studies, CSU, Stanislaus

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Dr. Wellman joined the faculty of the Master of Public Administration program in 2012 and currently serves as the MPA Program Co-Director, in addition to an appointment as the university's Faculty Coordinator of High Impact Practices. Dr. Wellman is a 2011 Ph.D. graduate of the School of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

His research interests focus primarily on transportation policymaking, specifically on the role of administrative discrestion in transportation decision-making. Dr. Wellman's research questions how car-centric transportation practices contribute to societal inequities, suburban sprawl, and the marginalization of car-less communities. His teaching areas include public administration theory, public sector ethics, and public administration's place in society.

Selected Publications

Jensen, C.E., Hazelton, J.K., & Wellman, G.C. (2019). "Finding 'improvement' in the language transportation planners use: A critical discourse analysis to illustrate an automobile-centric bias in transportation policymaking." Journal of Public Works & Management.

Wellman, G.C. (2019). "Transportation exploitation, mobility and social justice: A critical analysis." In Mobilities, Mobility Justice and Social Justice (Eds. David Butz & Nancy Cook). Routledge.

Hudspeth, N., & Wellman, G.C. (2018). "Equity and finance issues in the state subsidy of public transit." Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, & Financial Management

Wellman, G.C. (2016). "Transit paradise lost: What transit agency administrators say hinders them from pursuing social justice and fairness." Public Works Management & Policy, 21(3), pp. 201-219.

Wellman, G.C. (2015). "Citizens or customers? Transit agencies' approaches to community engagement. Journal of Public Transportation, 18(1), pp. 1-11.

Wellman, G.C. (2015). "The justice (of) movement: How transit administrators define social justice." Public Administration Quarterly, 39, pp. 117-146.

Wellman, G.C. (2014). "Transportation apartheid: The role of transportation policy in social inequality." Public Works Management & Policy, 19, pp. 334-339.

Wellman, G.C. (2012). "Community empowerment and public transportation agencies: A case study analysis of transit agencies' community development initiatives." Journal of Community Development, 43, pp. 512-526.

Blair, R., & Wellman, G.C. (2011). Smart growth principles and the management of urban sprawl. Journal of Community Development, 42, pp. 494-510.

Courses Taught

Master of Public Administration Program

PADM 5000 - Administration in Public Affairs
PADM 5110 - Public Personnel Administration
PADM 5130 - Public Service Ethics
PADM 5300 - Urban/Regional Planning
PADM 5310 - Environment of Public Administration
PADM 5720 - Research Design/Program Evaluation

Political Science Undergraduate Courses

PSCI 1201 - American Government
PSCI 3304 - Introduction to Public Administration
PSCI 4310 - Urban Politics