Introductory Subject Matter Authorizations

APPLICATION Form V Introductory Subject Matter Authorization.pdf
ENGLISH Application Worksheet.pdf
SOCIAL SCIENCE Application Worksheet.pdf
MATHEMATICS Application Worksheet.pdf
SCIENCE Application Worksheet.pdf

Earn State Introductory Subject Matter Authorizations on your credential for coursework you have already completed!

Liberal Studies majors can add authorizations certifying them to teach English, Math, Social Science, and Science through grade nine to their CSU Stanislaus Multiple Subject Credential.

Forms for verification of the authorizations are available in the LIBS Department and online. A list of completed courses, units and grades are required on each authorization form.

Verification of Subject Matter Authorizations is done in the Liberal Studies Department and forwarded to CSU Stanislaus Credential Processing Center. Coursework must be completed by the end of student teaching. Please note: Effective February 9, 2011 a $10.00 processing fee for recommendation to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing will be required at the time you apply for your Multiple Subject Credential.

CSU Stanislaus is authorized by CCTC to recommend the authorizations as additions to the Multiple Subject Credential after verification of coursework and grades.


NOW: Begin tracking coursework in authorization areas (English, Social Science, Math, Science). For courses at Columbia, Merced, MJC, or SJ Delta see a Libs faculty advisor for questions.

LATER: When coursework is completed (32 units), submit ONE application to the LIBS Department for all Introductory Authorizations no later than the second semester of the credential program (student teaching semester). There is a $20 verification fee per application.

Q. & A.

Q. How many units do I need to complete for an authorization?
A. Each authorization requires 32 units with grades C, CR, or better.

Q. Are community college courses acceptable?
A. Community college courses are acceptable upon approval. For courses at other colleges see a Libs faculty advisor.

Q. Can I apply for more than one authorization?
A. Yes. As long as you have met the 32 unit requirement in each area, you can apply for multiple authorizations. Based on course content, classes may count in more than one area.

Q. When should I apply for an authorization?
A. Apply when you complete required courses and before you finish student teaching.

Q. Is there a fee to apply for an authorization?
A. There is a $20 verification fee. You may apply for multiple authorizations for one fee using the same form. Authorizations are posted to your credential at no additional charge.