Grant International Travel

International Travel

International travel funded by federal grants or contracts requires compliance with the Fly America Act. This means that air travel funded with federal dollars be performed on U.S. flag air carriers:

  • Airtran Airways (FL)
  • Alaska Airlines (AS)
  • American Airlines (AA)
  • Continental Airlines (CO)
  • Delta Airlines (DL)
  • Frontier Airlines (F9)
  • Hawaiian Airlines (HA
  • JetBlue Airways (B6)
  • Midwest Express (YX)
  • Southwest Airlines (WN)
  • Spirit Airlines (NK)
  • United Airlines (UA)
  • US Airways (US)

To be in compliance with the Fly America Act, the code of a U.S. flag air carrier must be noted as part of the flight number on the airline ticket.

Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP)

It is important that CSU Stanislaus faculty, staff and students traveling internationally on university business/university sponsored trips do so in as safe a manner as possible. All employees and students who travel internationally on CSU business are required to use the Foreign Travel Insurance Program (FTIP).

International Laptop and Software Travel

When traveling internationally with laptop computers, consideration must be given to the effect of U.S. export control regulations to assure both the institution and the traveler are in compliance with federal laws. The principal concern is the disclosure of any controlled technology or other controlled information to non-U.S. persons. The delivery of both a tangible good and the disclosure of controlled information to a non-U.S. person is deemed an "export". PLEASE BE AWARE!

Additional Information

It is important when travelling on University business, that all rules and regulations are followed. The University has set in place specific guidelines for how travel is to take place, and what types of expenses are allowed. Please note that the same expectations are to be followed not only by staff and faculty, but also by students. This is regardless of whether a corporate card or personal funds are being used to pay for travel expenses. For more information on all rules and regulations, please see the University's travel website.

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