The Post Award Office exists to provide oversight of all outside campus Sponsored Program grants and contracts through accounting, compliance and customer service. We provide guidance in interpreting federal, state, local and CSU policy regarding allowable and allocable expenditures. Our office works closely with campus Principal Investigators (PIs) and their administrative staff to provide fiscal oversight and management of awards throughout the lifecycle of each award.

Post Award Grant Administration Team

Tina Jamison

Tina Jamison
Post Award Grant Manager

Denise Harteau

Denise Harteau
Accountant II

Janet Rodriguez

Janet Rodriguez
Accountant II

Marcy Tavernas

Marcy Tavernas
Account Tech III

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Accountant II

Grant Accounting

The grant accountant assists with financial aspects of the grant, including but not limited to assigning the fund and project codes; entering the budget; and monitoring grant expenditures for compliance with sponsor agency, CSU, campus, federal, state and local relevant rules, laws and requirements. The Accountant is responsible for all sponsor agency invoicing and provides expense and/or payroll reports as needed. Grant Accountants do not provide the day-to-day bookkeeping of expenses and transactions of an award, as that task is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator and/or their grant staff.


The Post Award team monitors key compliance regulations required in the administration of sponsored projects, including but not limited to providing financial data for inclusion in financial reporting, as well as document completion of programmatic reporting, collecting and tracking Delegation of Authority (DOA) forms, Conflict of Interest forms and training for government and non-governmental awards. We process and track effort certifications, cost matching, sub-recipient risk, and cost transfers.

Customer Service

The Post Award team works in partnership with the Office of Research & Sponsored Office (ORSP) Pre-Award team to coordinate onboarding start-up meetings, and we separately provide training as well as disseminate critical information. We coordinate with numerous campus departments to meet the individual needs of each sponsor award.

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Updated: April 18, 2024