Spring 2009Deb Miller (Rob Rogers, faculty supervisor) is conducting GIS-based landscape analysis of Lake Yajoa,  Honduras (supplemented by fault analysis of data collected in January and possibly age dating of basalt from lava dam) to develop an  evolution history of lake in response to fault controlled volcanism.  Lake behind lava dam that is 1 km by 10 km by 25 km in dimension.  

Summer field work 2009 (two CSU Stanislaus geology students and faculty supervisor Rob Rogers and two UPI students) mapping and sampling the Agua Fria formation near Danli, Hondura  Purpose is to establish depositional, stratigraphic and age constraints on 1000 meter section of  rock that appears related to breakup of Pangaea supercontinent 150 million years ago. 

Summer 2008 Steve MacInnis and Anna Hibbertwith with Rob Rogers prepared GIS based analysis of the landscape evolution of western Puerto Rico resulting in abstract publication at the fall 2008 meeting of the American Geophysical Union: Rogers R.D., S. MacInnes, A. Hibbert, Dec 2008 Tectonic and Diapiric Forcing of Western Puerto Rico Landscape Eos Trans. AGU, 89(53), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T53A-1919

Spring 2009 Michael van den Enden and Nicole Ortiz (Rob Rogers, faculty supervisor) are conducting regional GIS based analysis of the Mexican highlands north (east of Gulf of California spreading)  and south (along convergent Middle American Trench) of the Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt.  By quantifying the landscape and using landscape-scale indicators of neotectonic activity, they are exploring the issue of the origin of the uplifted plateau that forms the highlands of much of Mexico.  (Thanks to Roberto Molina for the idea.)

Updated: July 12, 2023