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The Accounts Receivable department is responsible for collecting amounts due from others for goods furnished and services rendered. Specific functions include:

  • Preparing and processing invoices
  • Collecting delinquent accounts
  • Preparing tax reporting information

Invoice Billing Request Form

Invoicing Department Guidelines

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In an effort to eliminate campus departments from invoicing on behalf of the university to campus departments or outside agencies, Financial Services has created the following request forms:

  1. Invoice Request
  2. Inter-Department Transfers

One of these forms will be required when a transfer between departments or an invoice to an outside party is needed.

Below are guidelines on how to determine the type of request (invoice or transfer) and select the appropriate form.

Invoice Request:

If funds are to be received from an  outside customer, please submit an Invoice Request Form to Financial Services (MSR 270). Please include any information to be printed on the invoice, such as description of service, name and phone number of contact person, date of service, etc in the “Description of Service” section of the form.

Auxiliary Organizations (University Union, Student Union, Associated Students, Inc., Foundation, and Auxiliary and Business Services) are recognized as outside customers.

A7300 – Associated Students, Inc
A7400 – University Union
A7500 – Auxiliary and Business Services
A9xxx – Foundation

*This doesn’t apply to the recharge process: i.e., reprographics, facilities, copy, procard

Please do not send the Invoice Request Form to the customer.

Upon receipt of the Invoice Request Form, Financial Services will create an invoice and mail directly to the customer. Revenue will be recorded in the chartfield specified in the “Department Funding” section of the form. A copy of the invoice will be sent to the department upon request.

Interoffice Department Transfers:

If funds are to be transferred between campus departments (not including Auxiliary Organizations listed above) for services rendered, please submit an Inter-Department Transfer form to Financial Services (MSR 270). Financial Services will process a journal transfer to record the revenue and expense.

When funds are to be received from the following fund codes an Inter-Department Transfer form is required.

General Fund - G0106, GR106
Trust Funds - TMxxx, TSxxx
Misc. Funds – Cxxxx, D5001, URC01, IFx 01, H7xxx, E13xx

Approval is necessary from the department that expense occurred.

For more information contact the AR Billing Specialist at (209) 667-3063 or Delfin Guillory (209)667-3978