Graduation Approval Form Instructions

Grad Approval Quick Guide

Graduation Approval Form Instructions (print version)

Please follow these steps to complete the approval process:

  1. Review the Graduation Approval Form (GAF) sent by the enrollment services evaluations team.
  2. Conduct a virtual meeting (Zoom, phone, or email) with the student.
  3. As determined in your advising session, list all major courses required for graduation in the appropriate box on the GAF. (You do not need to complete it, sign it or scan it, but you will need to include it as an attachment to the completed email you send forward).
    • Note: If the student has a minor, please forward the GAF documents and this completed email to the chair of the minor department, copying the student. The minor department chair will then follow this process for requirements in the minor and forward the attached GAF documents and this completed email to
  4. Please also note any exceptions or waivers of requirements, as you would on the GAF.
  5. Forward the attached GAF documents and this completed email to Please include the student in the email as an acknowledgment that the course list and any notes were reviewed with the student.
    • Your email, name and date stamp will be accepted in place of your signature. There is no need for either you or the student to sign and scan the GAF form. The student will be contacted by the Academic Success Center if there are any questions and to acknowledge when final review has been completed and the GAF has been submitted to Enrollment Services.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to email the evaluator:

Alphabet(Last Name) Evaluator Email
A - Elk Jessica Solori
Ell - L Rachel Moran
M Manuel Beltran
N - Sal Allen Gil
Sam - Z Joan Andersen

Updated: January 19, 2022