Procedure for advisor selection or assignment:

New majors are asked if they have a preference for a faculty member to be their advisor. They are also informed of each faculty member’s field of expertise. If the student has no preference, the first available faculty member will sit down with the student and advise her/him using the Advising Roadmap to an Economics Degree or “The Blue Sheet” and the student’s file.

Students requesting a change of major to Economics are given a Declaration of Change of Degree Objective form. They are also asked if they have a preference for a faculty member or specific area of study. If they have no preference they will be advised by whoever is available at that time.

Schedule for advising meetings with departmental advisors:

Scheduled advising appointments are made by students directly with the faculty member. For unscheduled advising meetings, all full-time members of the Economics faculty will advise any student as the faculty member is available. Most advising meetings are handled by a drop-in basis. Whoever is available will ask for the student’s file and take time to advise the student.

Frequency of required advising meetings:

Each semester Enrollment Services places an advising hold on each Economics major’s record. The hold can only be removed by the faculty during the advising appointment.

Plan for training and supervising peer advisors:

There is no formal peer advising in the Economics Department.

Updated: October 13, 2022