What is the Economics Students Association about?

The Economics Students Association at Stanislaus State is a club on campus dedicated to helping students expand their knowledge of current issues that involve the government and the private sector: that's you!

Here at the Economics Student Association, we are working on fun ways to bring students together for social interaction and learning experiences.  In the past, this has led to some field trips which can enhance members’ knowledge about all aspects of economics and finance. Some of these trips have included places like the Federal Reserve in San Francisco and local businesses that have an interrelationship with the subject of economics. By no means is this club only for students majoring in Economics. It is also useful to students majoring in subjects like Finance, Business, Political Science, and Sociology. Another aspect of the Economics Student Association is the Investment Project that is constantly in motion! This project involves members of the club who are interested in investment exploring investment alternatives for the Fred Kottke Free Enterprise Fund with the hope of increasing its assets which have been used to award some economics scholarships in the name of Dr. Kottke.  This is in addition to the scholarships already offered.

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Meeting Times & Location

The Economics Club tries to find meeting times that work for most students and announces them through a club discussion list. Please contact Elaine Peterson at elainejpeterson@gmail.com or 209667-3327 with any questions or to ask to join the club discussion list. 


Dr. Elaine Peterson
(209) 667-3327

Upcoming Events:

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Updated: July 10, 2023