Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS)

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The Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Program offers financial assistance to income-eligible CSU student parents through financial support for on-campus child care services at the Child Development Center.

Eligibility for CCAMPIS funds does not guarantee space at the Stanislaus State Child Development Center. Contact the program directly for information on enrollment processes and space availability.

Program Eligibility

Your eligibility is reviewed each semester. CCAMPIS funds are limited and are not guaranteed from one semester to the next.

Eligibility is based on the following requirements:

  • Pell Grant eligibility, as determined by Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have not already done so, please complete a current year FAFSA. The FAFSA is available online.
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA (good academic standing)
  • Approved education plan (via STAN Planner)
  • Enrollment in at least 6 units.

What assistance can I get?

  • Pell grant, 2.0 GPA, Unit eligibility qualifies you for a 50% subsidy.
  • Full-time enrollment (12+ units) qualifies you for an additional 10% subsidy
  • 3.0+ GPA qualifies you for an additional 10% subsidy
  • Income-based eligibility can qualify you for an additional 15-20% subsidy

Once a recipient, what are my obligations?

  • Attend a mandatory CCAMPIS parent orientation/workshop offered each semester.
  • Maintain at least half-time enrollment (six units per semester).
  • Submit a class schedule to the child development center, and report any changes of schedule within 24 hours.
  • Provide evidence of having academic advising for each semester for which a subsidy is received.
  • Participate in a survey designed to evaluate the CCAMPIS project each semester.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the Stanislaus State Financial Aid Office. This includes completing the requisite number of units for the student's enrollment status (half-time or full-time) and maintaining a 2.0 GPA.
  • Provide a written report to the CCAMPIS coordinator of any changes in the information provided on this application within 24 hours of the change.
  • Meet at least once a year with the CCAMPIS team.

CCAMPIS Application 


Visit the Child Development Center website or Contact Dr. Gina Cook.

Updated: August 07, 2023