Anthropology Alumni Testimonials

Anthropology alumna Nancy Fernandez

Nancy Fernandez

“My title is Park Ranger and I work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."

"In my personal life and career I am constantly using and refining my understanding of human diversity to more effectively communicate and engage with individuals of different perspectives and backgrounds."

Anthropology alumna Jessica Godden

Jessica Godden

“My anthropology degree has equipped me with an appreciation for cultivating a deep understanding of diverse cultures and communities, enabling me to foster inclusive approach within my nonprofit's initiatives. Through this lens, I am able to effectively collaborate with educators and employers to tailor programs that resonate with local needs, ensuring students are prepared for meaningful careers within their communities."

"I am currently the Executive Director for Stanislaus Partners in Education (SPIE), and the Board President for The State Theatre of Modesto, Inc."

Anthropology alumna Hillary Moak

Hillary Moak

“My B.A. in Anthropology has helped tremendously in my career path of engaging diverse groups of people in outdoor recreation, providing culturally relevant programs and activities for multi-generational families and advocating for increased access to parks and open spaces for people of all Central Valley residents.” 

Moak is currently employed as the Central Valley Program Director at the Tuolumne River Trust.

Anthropology alum Alex Napier

While helping with a biological field survey, a startled desert iguana finds a shady perch.

Alex Napier

“I am currently an Associate State Archaeologist at the Ocotillo Wells District of California State Parks."

"My anthropology degree has given me a great foundation to build on in my career. While my enthusiasm for this field started when I was young, the Anthropology Department at Stan State intensified it and provided me important experience and a deeper understanding of archaeology that I carry with me today.”

Anthropology alumna Sandra Torres

Sandra Torres

"The California State University Stanislaus Anthropology Department has the best professors, they were a big part in helping me with my career path and finding the field of public health. My BA in Anthropology equipped me with the knowledge and skill set to make me successful in the public health field in my current role. Shout out to Dr. Wallace and Dr. Logan!"

Current Position: Support Services Worker 

Employer: Marin County 

Graduate School: University of San Francisco (graduated August 2023 with a Master’s Degree in Public Health)

Claudia Mendoza Chávez

Claudia Mendoza Chávez

"Currently, I am a 2nd year MA/PhD student at UC Santa Barbara finishing up my Masters degree in Sociocultural Anthropology."

"I am super grateful to the CSU Stanislaus Anthropology Department, I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the professors there. They were incredibly supportive in my academic journey and career. Special thanks to my old mentors Dr. Ryan Logan and Dr. Richard Wallace, as well as Dr. Ellen Bell and Dr. Steve Arounsack for their guidance and support. My degree in Anthropology has allowed me to take an interdisciplinary approach in my research and I can't wait to see where I go from here."

Lourdes Ramirez

Lourdes Ramirez

"My anthropology degree gave me the ability to see the world as an anthropologist. It may sound simple, but this simplicity has let me travel all over California and meet so many great people from all over with the different projects I've worked on."

Current position: Assistant Monitoring Coordinator/Staff Archaeologist at Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc.

Photograph of Alexandra Massie

Alexandra Massie

"I have recently graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology, and I am incredibly excited to see where my degree takes me. I love that my degree has trained me to work with diverse groups in understanding social justice issues and building collaborative partnerships. The anthropology professors are passionate about helping students build fulfilling careers, and they will encourage you to become the best version of yourself."

"I am currently a Student Assistant at the Central California Information Center housed by the Anthropology Department here at CSU Stanislaus."


Updated: May 03, 2024