Filling out your application:

Degree: MA

Major: Counseling


  • Pupil Personnel Services Credential 

  • Professional Clinical Counseling

  • Professional Clinical Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services Credential

Pupil Personnel Services Credential Application

Submission of a on-line recommendation application can be submitted up to 2 weeks prior to the end of your last semester in program. Please submit a completed Credential Application for On-Line Recommendation Form, along with any required documents to Credential Services Office (DBH 303). No payment is due to us for recommending your credential. You will pay CCTC directly once your credential has been recommended. Your credential application will be processed by a Credential Analyst, and a recommendation will be submitted using CCTC‘s online system usually within an eight to ten week time frame (depending upon our workload).

The Process: 

  • Create User ID and Password to access existing profile. Go to the CTC website to create these and update your personal and contact information. 
  • Submit your completed Credential Application for On-Line Recommendation Form to Credential Services at PLEASE DO NOT MAIL THIS APPLICATION DIRECTLY TO CCTC.
  • Credential Services will check documents, verify eligibility and recommend for the credential. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Once Credential Services has submitted the online recommendation you will be notified via email from CCTC to complete the personal and professional fitness questionnaire and payment portions of the process. The Subject line on this email is “CTC Notice - Recommendation for New Document.” Make sure your computer does not have any POP UP BLOCKERS before you begin this process. You need to follow the instructions on this email to complete the process and submit payment. View CCTC’s “Quick Tips”
  • The credential fee is $102.65 unless you have a credit for a Certificate of Clearance. A debit/credit card for payment is required.  After you complete this process CCTC will send you a second e-mail with a Subject line “CTC Application Received Email.” This includes a payment confirmation number and verification that your credential is being processed by them. CCTC’s last email is “Notification of Document Issuance.” This provides the details of your credential and will contain a link where the online official record of your document may be viewed and printed by you. You can print and present a copy of this credential to your school district or County Office of Education. You can also attach this credential to your Ed-Join application for employment purposes. CCTC will no longer print out and mail official credential documents.
  • Credential’s Effective Date: It will be either: 1) Last day of the semester, 2) Date all requirements are met, or 3) Date application is received by Credential Services.
  • Urgent Evaluations:  If you have a job offer in which your employing district requires your credential as soon as possible, a signed statement in writing including employment start date from the district and on school letterhead will be required for a “rush” evaluation. Priority will be given based on employment start date.  Acceptable documentation can be faxed to (209) 664-7058 or emailed to  It may take up to 15 business days to process this request, as long as all requirements have been met.




  • Apply for your PCC Associate (Intern) Registration through the BBS.
  • Contact Kathryn Roberts ( if you have not received your Form B, which is filled out by the program. Please wait at least a week after your degree has posted.

Updated: July 06, 2023