Many of our students are presently teaching; however, we also have group home employees, nurses, ministers, mental health professionals and homemakers who are working toward obtaining a Master’s degree, credential or certificate. Applicants do not need a teaching credential for program admission. Having the teaching credential may make a difference in obtaining a position as a school counselor. Some districts require, or prefer, that their counselors have a teaching credential.

Courses are offered during the late afternoon (4:30-7:10) or evening (7:20-10:00) hours. Our goal is to offer every course twice per year. However, this is subject to enrollment and budget fluctuations; some years, a course only may be offered once.

Coursework is offered at the Turlock campus and PCC courses are taught at the Stockton Center.

The Pupil Personnel Services: Counselor Education Intern Credential Program allows school districts to appoint PPS Credential candidates to school counseling positions after they have completed 26 units of coursework, including one semester of fieldwork. This position shall be for at least one semester. The intern is supervised by both the University Counselor Education faculty and the school district of employment, while continuing the required PPS credential coursework. The internship credential is usually issued for a two-year period; thus the intern must complete the approved institutional program within two years.

Eligibility Checklist - Courses must be completed (not currently enrolled or with incomplete grades).  Student must have completed the 2nd Interview and have a job offer.

For additional information and program advisement, the applicant is asked to contact the program coordinator.

Updated: January 14, 2022