Instructional Materials

The California State University is committed to ensuring that all campus Information Resources and Technologies are fully accessible for persons with disabilities. This commitment reflects a goal to provide the most effective learning environment for all students--rather than simply to ensure compliance with various federal and state laws.

Instructional Materials (IM) are considered to be forms of communication and must therefore be delivered in a manner that is equally effective for persons with disabilities. Communication is considered to be equally effective when it is:

  • Comparable in quality to those received by students without disabilities
  • Comparable in timeliness of delivery and availability
  • Provided in a manner and medium appropriate to the significance of the message and the abilities of the person receiving the material

Stanislaus State Instructional Materials Accessibility Policy

More information on accessibility for instructional materials can be found in the Stanislaus State Instructional Materials Policy.

Example of a Syllabus Disability Statement

"Stanislaus State respects all forms of diversity. By university commitment and by law, students with disabilities are entitled to participate in academic activities and to be tested in a manner that accurately assesses their knowledge and skills. They also may qualify for reasonable accommodations that ensure equal access to lectures, labs, films, and other class-related activities. Please see the instructor if you need accommodations for a registered disability.  Students can contact Disability Resource Services (DRS) for additional information.  The DRS website can be accessed at For assistance, call DRS at (209) 667-3159."

OIT Learning Services

OIT Learning Services serves the instructional technology needs of faculty. Our multimedia services are a resource of ideas and technical assistance in the pursuit of systematic design, development, and the application of multimedia, computing, and traditional media into cur- riculum and teaching. In addition to our ability to process materials for you, Learning Services also staffs a small lab in the Faculty Development Center that features laptops with instruc- tional design software as well as other equipment that can be used by faculty on their pro- jects. Call us at 667-3347 to discuss an instructional project.

OIT Instructional Design & Development

Instructional design encompasses both the theoretical arrangement of information in a course or unit and the practical production of learning materials to meet specified instructional goals and objectives. The Instructional Design & Development site is designed to explain the services that are available to Stanislaus State faculty as part of any course that uses instructional technology to deliver content.

Blackboard Learning Management System

Blackboard Course Sites is a web-based course management system that supports student and instructor interaction and collaboration through the posting and sharing of documents, external links to web resources, and threaded discussion boards along with other useful communication tools. In collaboration with other departments in OIT, Learning Services manages the creation of Blackboard sites and offers a range of faculty training on best practices for using it.

A Few Goals of ATI for Instructional Materials

Visit the CSU Instructional Materials website for a complete listing of goals for ATI. A few of the most important goals are:

  • Timely adoption of textbooks and other instructional materials by faculty
  • Ensuring selection/ordering of textbooks and other instructional materials courses with late-hired faculty
  • Use of the campus learning management system for posting all required curricular and instructional resources
  • Incorporation of accessibility requirements for curricular review and approval

NEW: Instructional Materials Ordering Tool - FacultyEnlight

FacultyEnlight is a new tool available from the Bookstore. It is a source for researching, adopting and sharing insights about textbooks and course materials. Get started by creating an account here. While you may research and even adopt without becoming a registered user, there are many benefits to registering, such as;

  • Access your adoption history for the past three years
  • Affiliation with multiple campuses
  • Storing favorite materials and easy to access Favorites list
  • Leaving product reviews for the materials you have adopted

​More information on using FacultyEnlight for selecting instructional materials can be found in this informative brochure.