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Term Definition Resources
Asynchronous Online Class Class instruction is available to students 24/7 via the web. No in-person meetings scheduled. Online Readiness Self-Assessment
Synchronous Online Class Class instruction is delivered on pre-scheduled days and times via the web or remote broadcast. No in-person meetings scheduled. Online Readiness Self-Assessment
Hybrid Class Class instruction includes both in-person and online components, with pre-scheduled in-person meetings.

The online component can be either asynchronous or synchronous.

Online Readiness Self-Assessment
Advisors Stan State Faculty and Staff help students make decisions regarding their classes and academic goals. Advising Hub
Catalog Year In reference to an academic year that determines graduation requirements. New students' catalog year is the same matches their admission term (e.g. a fall 2020 new student's catalog year is 2020-21). Full Catalog Year description
Co-Requisite Two or more specific classes must be taken during the same semester.  
Course Number

A 5-digit reference number is used to identify specific sections of a class.

Course Numbers can be used during registration to reference sections quickly, making the registration process faster and easier.

Drop In reference to "dropping a class": disenrolling from a class section and stopping participation. This can be done from your student portal during established time periods. Registration dates and deadlines for each semester are posted on the Class Schedule
Enrollment Registration into one or more class sections.  
FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law protecting the rights and privacy of students. View information on Student Rights and FERPA
General Education (GE) A series of courses required for a Bachelor’s degree. Not all students will take the same GE courses. General Education Information
Hold A restricted status placed on a student's account may prohibit the student from certain actions such as registration into classes, receiving transcripts, etc.
Late Add Registration into a class after the first week of the semester. Registration dates and deadlines for each semester are posted on the Class Schedule
Matriculation A word for when a student is enrolled or registered at a university.  
Pre-Requisite A class that must be completed before registering for a different class (i.e. the pre-requisite class fulfills a requirement for registration in another class).  
Waitlist A roster, or list, of students interested in registering for a class section that has already met maximum capacity.  
Warrior Username The beginning of your university email address, up to the @ sign (e.g. the warrior username for is "jdoe1").  
Warrior ID A unique 9-digit number used to identify a student; The ID number starts with leading zeroes and is printed on your Warrior ID Card and in the Student Center. Warrior ID
Term A specific academic year and semester (e.g. Fall 2008 or Summer 2019).
Census Date The twentieth day of instruction for Fall and Spring semesters--this is the last date that any registration requests can be made for that term (i.e. adding or dropping a class) Census dates for Special Session Winter and Summer are determined by Extended Education. Academic Calendar
Grading Options Students may be graded on a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) basis or for a letter grade. Students may elect to change their grading option. Information on Grading Procedures
Permission Number A unique number given to students to enable registration into a closed or restricted class through the Student Center. Instructions for Adding a Class using a Permission Number
To Do List A list of items requiring action located in your Student Center Instructions for viewing your To Do List

Updated: February 13, 2024