Please join the President and Staff Council at the Annual Staff Recognition event for mingling, lunch, prizes and a raffle.

Staff Recognition & Western Roundup - RSVP
June 6, 2024, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST
Main Dining

2022/2023 Honorees

Elizabeth Greathouse - Anthropology

Frank Borrelli - Support Services

Craig Boucher - Information Technology

Elki Issa - Faculty Affairs

Lisa Bernardo - Enrollment Services

Philip Kozicki - University Police

Russell Inman - Information Technology

Juan Pulido Fuentes  -  Housing & Residential Life
Juan Esquilin  -  Facilities Services
Julie Marlow  -  Human Resources
Justine Borba  -  University Advancement
Lisa Fields  - Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics
Noah Dunavan  -  Enrollment Services
Stephen Routh  -  College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences
Tawn Anderson  -  Information Technology
Traci Bergmann   - Capital Planning and Design

Ashlea Lucero  - Extended Education Operations

Colin Danks  -  Enrollment Services

Dennette Dores  -  Financial Services

Julie Magana - Field Services

Julie Anderson   -  Financial Services

Kimberly McField  - Human Resources

Lori Barrows   -   Nursing

Manuel Beltran - Enrollment Services

Margarita Madrigal - Facilities Services

Maria Barron  -  Facilities Services

Monica Pope  -  Criminal Justice

Shellie Machado  - Ed D Program

Stuart Wooley  - Academic Affairs

Teri Burgess  -  Business and Finance

Whitney Placido  - Academic Senate

Dennis Salvadori  - Facilities Services

Doua  Xiong  -  Disability Resource Services

Evelyn Calvillo - Enrollment Services

Fatima Elias -  Academic Success Center

Ilene Ruesga - Biological Sciences

John Rezendes  -Information Technology

Kara Herrick -College of Business Administration

Kristen Sederquist -  Communications & Public Affairs

Larry Saslaw - Biological Sciences

Laura Roberts - Health and Wellness

Mary Su - Disability Resource Services

Miguel Pulido - Admissions

Monica Teicheira  -College of Business Administration

Susan Jordan - Economics

Victoria Salisbury  - Information Technology

Allen Gil - Enrollment Services

Amie Postma  - Health and Wellness

Ana Contreras - Financial Aid

Annie Ngov   - Human Resources

Araceli Barrera  - Enrollment Services

Brandon Blakeman - Information Technology

Charles Levis - Facilities Services

David Younathan - Support Services

Dylan Zaharris  - Information Technology

Elizabeth Zafra  - Academic Success Center

Elizabeth Melo  - Athletics

Erin Foster  - Disability Resource Services

Evelyn Ramos - Career Services

Gina Oltman - Communications & Public Affairs

Helen Piro  - Health and Wellness

Iqbal Atwal  -  ASPIRE, College of Science

Irma Sandoval-Guerra  - Advancement Services

Jeffery Harris  -  Facilities Services

Joshua Bristow - Facilities Services

Julian Eylia  - Information Technology

Julie Sedlemeyer - Career Services

Julie Gonsalves - Facilities Services

Karolyn Grimm  - Library

Katrina Halstead  - Masters in Social Work

Kellie Gratigny  - Athletics

Krista Vasquez - Human Resources

Maira Lopez  - Health and Wellness

Marina Gonzales - Psychology

Missy Lebray  - Basic Needs

Nathan Zierfuss-Hubbard - Information Technology

Neesha Oliver - Admissions

Nina Rocha    Human Resources

Patricia Babb -   Financial Services

Rebecca Stephens  - Career Services

Rhonda Willson - Financial Services

Ronniesha Ford-Spears  - Enrollment Services

Rosalee Billingslea Rush - Communications & Public Affairs

Rosaura Pena-Gomez  -University Police

Sandra  Ruiz - Counseling & Psychological Services

Sarah Bonney - Credentials Office

Stephani Smith   - Psychology

Stephanie Hubbard  - Student Leadership & Development

2021/2022 Honorees

Erly Tay, Student Records

April Dunham-Filson, Safety & Risk Management
Tammy Giannini, Academic Success Center
Dawn McCulley, Physics
Bryan Norman, CPFM
Clint Strode, University Police 

Silviano Curiel, CPFM
Karen Deleon, Health and Wellness
Michele Holland, Nursing
Heather Kaiser, Enrollment Services
Kellie Marshall, Safety & Risk Management
Michael McNeil, Kinesiology and Public Health
Guillermo Meraz, Library
Christina Minjarez, Library
Michael Perez, Information Technology
Huy Phan, Information Technology
Cheri Silveira, University Police
Daniel Starn, Health and Wellness 

Erny Barsley, Management Information Systems
Christy Chaney, Academic Success Center
Phyllis Crittendon, Financial Services
Lapa Dang, Health and Wellness
Belinda Garcia, Financial Aid
Renee Giannini, HRL
Marie Hirschkorn, Faculty Affairs
Melanie Johnson, Kinesiology and Public Health
Geng Liu, CPFM
Guy Marlow, Information Technology

Petra Nebel, CAHSS
Gabriel Njock, Information Technology
Gabriela Nuno, Academic Success Center
Tim Overgaauw, CPFM
Jeffery Reed, CPFM
Galdina Serrano, Psychology
Kristina Stamper, C&PA
Michael Tablett, Information Technology
Rosa Valdez, CPFM Zona Zaragoza, Stockton Campus 

Dinah Copple, Extended Education
Rosemary Havens, Teacher Diversity
Edwena Jacobs, Enrollment Services
Erica Kelly, Biological Sciences
Dan Olivas, Information Technology
Veronica Parra, EA
Megan Rowe, Health and Wellness
Heather Sanchez, Teacher Education
Katherine Trent, Student Affairs
Mary Van Eyk, CPFM
Jessica Wojciechowski, HRL

Diamelle Abalos, Accounting and Finance
Christina Aflleje Meyer, Anthropology
Anallely Andrade Calderon, History
Maryann Aydenian, Admissions
Leticia Barrios Hernandez, Admissions
Madison Bettencourt, HRL
Marsha Bond-Nelson, Student Support Services
Yan Yan Chan, Music
Megan Cordeiro, Human Resources Joann Curtiss, Basic Needs
Michaela Dole, Human Resources
Joshua Edrington, SLD
Amy Egan, Library
Sandra Elliott, CPFM Roxanne Escobar Diaz, International Education
Robyn Fitzgerald, Academic Success Center
Eric Greenberg, Information Technology

​​​Kellie Gregorio, Child Development
Stacey Gross-Schneider, Human Resources
Lauren Hall, Library
Joshua Hanks, Extended Education
Matthew Heli, Information Technology
Mary Hunter, International Education
Liliana Jimenez, HRL
Ellen Junn, President's Office
Gitanjali Kaul, SPEMI
Christina Knott, Human Resources
Tracee Littlepage, C&PA
Naraith Lopez, President's Office
Eric Mariani, Library
Francisco Marmolejo, Information Technology
Kellie McBay, Health and Wellness
Rachel Moran, Enrollment Services
Fabiola Muniz, Health and Wellness Stephanie Munoz, Financial Services
Esequiel Oropeza, CPFM
Megan Parravano, CPFM

Ashley Reeves Huckaby, ORSP
Neisha Rhodes, President's Office
Steven Sanchez, CPFM
Pardi Singh, Human Resources
Jessica Solorio, Enrollment Service
Sean Spangler, Information Technology
Debra Stanard, Student Affairs
Jennifer Sturtevant, Basic Needs
Ser Vang, Extended Education
Joy Vickers, Admissions
Taylor Whitehead, Health and Wellness
Marvin Williams, Disability Resource Services
Ciara Williams, Enrollment Services
Katherine Wood, Athletic Compliance
Eilbret Younan, Academic Success Center
Giovgiz Ysael, University Police
Kimberly Zamarripa, Financial Services
Adan Zapien, HRL

Andy Klingelhoefer ( 2 years) Janelle Culjis ( 5 years) David Evans (5 Years) Helene Caudill ( 6 years) Michelle Merrifield ( 6 years) Becky Snead ( 6 years) Louie Oliveira ( 7 years) Katherine Price ( 8 years) Lee Henry ( 9 years) Dake Walden ( 10 years) Feuy Saechao ( 14 years) Wendy Olmstead (15 Years) Becky Temple ( 15 years) Katrina Kidd ( 16 years) Sen Saephanh ( 17 years) Brett Forray ( 18 years) Phillip Travels ( 18years) 

Becky Atkins ( 19 years) Deborah Childers ( 19 years) Oddmund Myhre (19 years) Lori Cole ( 20 years) Orton Haley ( 21 years) Tula Mattingly ( 22 years) Delores Alden ( 25 years) Debra Da Rosa ( 25 years) Pauline Clanton ( 27 years) Kathleen Hidalgo ( 27years) Neil Jacklin ( 28 years) Sari Miller-Antonio ( 28 years) Trish Hendrix ( 29 years) Beckie Holly ( 29 years) Marni Trussell ( 32 years) Penny Rutishauser ( 33 years) 

CAHSS: College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science
CPFM: Capital Planning & Facilities Management
C&PA: Communications & Public Affairs
H RL: Housing & Residential Life
IEA: Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics
ORSP: Office of Research & Sponsor Programs
SLD: Student Leadership & Development
SPEMI: Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management& Innovation

Note: Years of service are for continued employment at Stanislaus State and does not include temporary work positions. Awards/Retirees are from July 1,2021, to June 30, 2022.

2020-2021 Honorees 

2019-2020 Honorees

2017/2018 Honorees

Andrew Cain -Art
Fatima Elias - Student Records
Lyzz Guzman - Associated Students, Inc.
Lee Henry -Theatre
Kara Herrick - College of Business Admin
Julie Johnson - Human Resources
Susan Jordan - Economics
Evelyn Ledezma - Student Records
Lucero Mascorro - Athletics
Amanda  Preston-Nelson - Financial Services
Miguel Pulido Maldonado - Housing & Residential Life
Amanda Putnam - Admissions
John Rezendes - Information Technology
Laura Roberts - Health Services

Ilene Ruesga - Communication Studies
Victoria Salisbury - Information Technology
Dennis Salvadori - Grounds Maintenance
Larry Saslaw - Biology
Max Schanderl - Health Services
Kristen Sederquist - Admissions
Mary Su - Disabled Educational Services
Monica Teicheira - College of Business Admin
Jeannie Thompson - Extended Education Operations
John Tillman - Strat Plng,Enroll Mgmt Innovat
John Wheeler - College of Science STEM Grants
Kirstin Wolfe - Chemistry
Doua Xiong - Disabled Educational Services

Julie Anderson - Financial Services
Maria Barron - Custodial Services
Lori-Lei Barrows - Nursing
Manuel Beltran - Student Records
Teri Burgess - Business and Finance, VP
Colin Danks - Student Records
Dennette Dores - Financial Services
Ashlea Eaton - Strat Plng,Enroll Mgmt Innovat
Francisco Espinoza Pena- University Police
Susan Fitzgerald - Financial Services
Shellie Machado - Ed D Program
Margarita Madrigal - Custodial Services
Julie Magana - Field Services
Kimberly McField - Human Resources
Whitney Placido - Academic Senate
Monica Pope - Criminal Justice
Hung Tsai - Athletic Communications

Traci Bergmann - Facilities Design & Construct
Justine Borba - University Advancement, VP
Noah Dunavan - Student Records
Juan Esquilin - Grounds Maintenance
Lisa Fields - Institutional Research
Brett Forray - Service Learning
Tawn Gillihan - Information Technology
David Higuera - Custodial Services
Julie Marlow - Human Resources
Oddmund Myhre - Col of Ed, Kines & Social Work
Juan Pulido Fuentes - Housing & Residential Life
Sheila Young Pfeiffer - Disabled Educational Services

Lisa Bernardo - Student Records
Max Carrillo - Tutoring Center
Russell Inman- Information Technology
Philip Kozicki - University Police
Jess Lindo - Building Maintenance
Jeannine Lucas - Student Records

Craig Boucher - Information Technology
Patricia Hendrix - Financial Services
Elki Issa - Mgmt Operations and Marketing
Neil Jacklin - Biology
David Loree - Facilities Admin & Planning

Elizabeth Greathouse - Anthropology

Marilyn Alvarado -Financial Services
Cathy Bellani - Financial Aid
Fernando Beltran - Education Opportunity Program
Loretta Blakeley- Library
Wanda Bonnell - Education Opportunity Program
Tina Caliguri - Facilities Services
Lydia Campos -Library
David Chinoraks -Information Technology
Mary Jane Cullum -Financial Aid
Bria Frade - Facilities Services
Maggie Gareis - Enrollment Services
Stacey Gillogly - College of Science STEM Grants

D'ette Gonzalez - Human Resources
Martin Gunn - Student Affairs
Vickie Harrang - Human Resources
Tammy Horner - Facilities Services
Kathryn McKenzie - Advanced Studies in Education
Dwayne Machado - Library
Ronald Noble - Student Affairs
Julie Reuben - Library
Jim Phillips - Financial Services
Andy Roy - University Police
Kathy Russell - Human Resources

Updated: June 03, 2024