SUR Phase 2: The Review

The Review – Phase 2


The review team: 

  • provides a mechanism for the administrative or academic support unit to benefit from perceptions and assessment of faculty, staff, and students from outside the unit, and, where appropriate, from outside the university.
  • should be representative of those that the unit serves.
  • provides an evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the unit and make recommendations for improvement.

1. Selection of review team and schedule for the review:

The review team is comprised of people mainly from outside the unit being reviewed as well as those involved in preparation of the self-study report to ensure continuity and appropriate interpretation of the data.

When the unit has university-wide responsibility, all sectors are represented on the review team.

The vice president’s or president’s responsibility includes soliciting nominations for team members from the faculty through Committee on Committees and selecting the members and chair of the review team.

When a review of a support unit contained within a specific college is planned, the dean’s responsibility includes soliciting nominations for review team members from the college faculty via college governance structures established to make faculty committee appointments.

2. Materials, information, and questions provided to the review team:

Upon appointment of the review team, the vice president or president provides, through the unit administrator, the following to each member of the review team.

a. A copy of the university’s support unit review process document.

b. The unit's self-study report and all supporting documentation and attachments with the understanding that the review team may request additional information and interviews.

c. An outline of specific questions the review team is asked to address. These questions are developed by the vice president, in consultation with the president, and after receiving suggestions from the unit administrator undergoing review, faculty governance, and others as deemed appropriate.

d. A timetable for submission of the review team's preliminary and final reports.

3. The review team's reports:

The review team presents its major findings and recommendations to the vice president or president, who, in turn, distributes the preliminary draft to the unit, so that the unit may correct any factual errors before the report is finalized.

A final report is provided to the vice president or president by the review team within six weeks of the return to the review team of the preliminary draft.

The vice president or president distributes copies of the final report to the unit administrator.

The unit administrator distributes the final report to all members of the unit being reviewed.

The executive summary, minus any references to individuals, is an open document and distributed to the campus community through the university web page and the Academic Senate.

4. Unit response to the review team’s report:

Following receipt of the final report of the review team, the unit being reviewed may provide the vice president or president with a written response to the review team’s report findings and recommendations.

The vice president or president distributes a copy of the unit's response to the review team, and president.

In addition, the report and follow up documents will be distributed to the university community via the web.