Stanislaus State is committed to a comprehensive periodic review of all support units that integrates rigorous assessment with ongoing strategic planning.

The primary goal of the review process is to provide a mechanism to ensure the improvement of support units on a continuous basis.

Chronology of SUR

Support Unit Review

Important functions of SURs are to:

  1. gain comprehensive information concerning the effectiveness of their units
  2. determine if resources are being utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible
  3. determine if the unit is effectively supporting the mission of the university

The responsibility for monitoring the status, effectiveness, and progress of units rests with the unit administrator and the vice president or president responsible for that unit.

The review process helps to identify the future directions, needs, and priorities of support units. As such, support unit review is inextricably linked to strategic planning, resource allocation, and other decision-making at the unit and university levels.

It is also an assumption that the review process is a participatory process that includes input from personnel in the unit as well as from units and individuals the unit is designed to serve.

The vice presidents, or president may designate additional or more detailed procedures for the review of units within their administrative jurisdiction, as long as the common elements described in this document for all unit reviews are met. Because significant resources are invested in this process, it is essential that the review produce results that are useful to the unit and its leadership, to the unit’s constituents, and to the university. Thereafter, the university’s support unit review process is formally reviewed at least every five years to determine if it is functioning as intended and to incorporate appropriate changes into the process. 

Updated: December 15, 2022