Student Leadership Awards

The Student Leadership Awards acknowledge and recognize students and organizations that go beyond the call of duty to help their community, peers, organization, and school. Organizations are also awarded for their school spirit, achievements, and contribution to the community. 

All Student Leadership Awards and descriptions are listed below.

Nominate an Individual or Organization

Please complete the nomination form to recognize an individual or registered student organization that exhibits exemplary leadership in one or more of the following categories during 2020 - 2021 or 2019 - 2020 (since the SLAs were canceled due to the pandemic). Nomination forms are due by Friday, April 23 (the deadline has been extended).

The Student Leadership Awards will be held on Friday, May 7, 2021. All nominees will be invited by Friday, April 30, 2021 to attend the virtual ceremony where the awards will be virtually presented and the winners will be announced.


  • All nominees and nominators must be Stanislaus State students, faculty, staff, or recognized student organizations.
  • Each form may be used to nominate one student or organization for all awards within each academic year. You may submit multiple forms to provide additional nominations.
  • Successful nominations will provide specific information from multiple sources demonstrating how the nominee meets the award criteria.
  • Please address how the nominee fits the specific criteria, along with specific documentation supporting the nominee or group’s accomplishments.
  • Self-nominations are permitted (unless otherwise noted) but do require the endorsement of a Stanislaus State faculty or staff member.

Please direct any questions or comments to the SLD office at (209) 667-3778 or

Student Leadership Awards & Descriptions


This award is presented to an organization that has made a significant effort to further its purpose through its contribution to Stanislaus State and the surrounding community.  The Outstanding Student Organization is considered a role model for other organizations on our campus.  This award recognizes the student organization that has:
  • Demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity, quality, and perseverance through their activities and programs.  
  • Promoted the university, utilized effective governance, and involved in University-sponsored events.  
  • Furthermore, the organization embodies the Warrior spirit through its commitment to leadership development, collaboration among groups, community service, and programmatic efforts to enhance the quality of campus life at Stanislaus State. 


Awarded to the student organization with the most impressive philanthropic service record for the year which demonstrates dedicated leadership and service to the university or community and the membership has made service an integral part of their college experience.  This might be demonstrated through activities and partnerships with other campus groups or community organizations and/or high levels of personal engagement on the part of the membership. The organization that receives this award will have sponsored a community service program that contributed to the broader mission of Stanislaus State and encouraged students to engage in service beyond one experience.
**Letter of recommendation from the student organization advisor is REQUIRED.  Please email it to and put the nominee and award name in the Subject line.


This award goes to the student organization that has exhibited the most spirit for their organization.  This organization has demonstrated “Warrior Pride” and striven to enhance the campus community.
**Pictures will be accepted as well.  Please email them to and put the nominee and award name in the subject line.


Awarded to the student organization that has had the greatest improvement over the past year.  The successful organization for this award will have displayed significant effort for the improvement of the organization and therefore exhibited considerable progress in the development of the group. This could be demonstrated through the following:
  • Revitalized membership (by improving recruitment and retention of new and diverse members)
  • Improved focus on the organization’s mission and internal operation Creation or improvement of program(s)/event(s)
  • Intentional collaboration with other student organizations or University departments
  • Established a plan to ensure continued organizational growth and sustainability of the organization
**Letter of recommendation from the student organization advisor is REQUIRED.  Please email it to and put the nominee and award name in the subject line.


This award is intended to recognize a member of the Fraternity & Sorority Life community who also is an outstanding member of other student organizations on campus.  
  • Student demonstrates a commitment to the values that unite all Greek organizations: Scholarship, Friendship, Service, and Leadership.
  • Incorporates their fraternal values into positive change that benefits their student organization and/or the Stan State community.
  • Exhibits significant additional involvement beyond the Greek community.  
  • Exceptional leadership within their own chapter or the Greek community
  • The nominee doesn’t have to hold a position but rather is a leader in their actions, values, and commitment to mission.


This award is designed to recognize a member of a fraternity or sorority who has demonstrated emerging leadership in the organization, a commitment to developing their leadership ability, and has exceeded the expectations of the membership of the organization.  
  • There is evidence that the nominee has taken action to further develop their leadership skills, perhaps through training, research, or other skill development opportunities.
  • The student shows promise in further development; there is evidence to support they will continue to develop leadership skills that will benefit their student organization and the Stan State community.
  • The nominee has performed well above the standard level of a first-year member in a student organization.
  • Demonstrates exceptional leadership within a student organization; the nominee doesn’t have to hold a position, but rather is a leader in their actions, values, and commitment to the organization’s mission.
  • The nominee must be in their 1st or 2nd year at Stan State (Freshman, Sophomore, Transfer) and currently enrolled. 


This award will be given to an organization or individual that demonstrates outstanding efforts towards educating, encouraging, and promoting diversity on campus. The organization or individual must meet the following criteria: 
  • Promoting and encouraging the importance of diversity within and between people of varying ethnic or religious backgrounds, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation on campus.
  • Raising awareness that will educate others on acceptance of individual differences. 
  • Demonstrates leadership through embracing diversity concepts and values.


This award recognizes a student or organization with an innovative educational, developmental, and/or social action response to an issue of social justice on campus, and/or in the community at a local and global level.  This award is intended to recognize recent events which have been implemented by a student or organization within the last 11 months.


This award is presented to a student or organization who has demonstrated a strong dedication to social change at Stanislaus State and the local community through various platforms, projects, or initiatives.  They have worked to advance the university and community culture by advocating for social justice and exemplifying a commitment to service and the promotion of justice for the marginalized. 
  • Social Justice is evaluated based on efforts to educate people on social justice issues on campus and/or community and has shown evidence of a significant impact on addressing power, privilege, and discrimination to foster inclusiveness and socially just society.
  • Diversity is evaluated based on efforts of improving the campus climate by working on and promoting initiatives that increase the campus community’s understanding of diversity (i.e., cultures; values; beliefs; experiences; perceptions) and provides opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges.
  • Equity is evaluated based on efforts to create and sustain equitable practices stemming from recognized differences and needs of individuals or groups within organizations, groups, committees, or boards.


This award is given to the student or organization that has made the greatest single achievement for the University or their individual organization in the past year. 


This award is designed to recognize students who have demonstrated dedication and leadership through their involvement in one or more campus activities. They exhibited the following:
  • Leadership qualities: establishing and achieving goals, motivating and involving others. 
  • Campus and community service: active involvement with co-curricular and non-academic activities and groups. 
  • Demonstration of high personal standards and values: honesty, integrity, and courage. 
  • Personal contributions to campus and community programs.
**Self-nominations will NOT be accepted.


In honor of Judge and Alverta Hughes, the purpose of this award is to recognize a graduating senior or graduate student who has delivered volunteer services to communities, groups, and/or individuals, and positively impacted the lives and humanity of others.  The length, breadth, scope, and type of service will be reviewed. 
**Self-nominations will NOT be accepted.


In honor of Carol Burke, University Student Union Director at Stanislaus State in the 1990s, she was known for her dedication to students, insight into how to lead students, and support of student growth and development.  The awardee should exemplify the following personal qualities and values: 
  • Leadership through the promotion of “team spirit” 
  • Positive Attitude 
  • Willingness to accept challenges 
  • Dedication to student-empowerment 
  • Tangible contributions to campus life
**Self-nominations will NOT be accepted.


In honor of Miriam V. and John L. Keymer, this memorial award is to pay tribute to an “Unsung” Student Leader who does not occupy a prominent student leader office.  The awardee works selflessly and effectively as a student advocate for the campus and has improved the quality of life on campus.


This award is designed to recognize a student organization advisor who has excelled and exemplified outstanding service, dedication, commitment, and leadership to the organization they advise.


Awarded to a member of the Stanislaus State faculty, administration, or staff who demonstrated the greatest commitment and service to developing student leadership on campus or in the community during the year.  Level of dedication and length, breadth, scope and type of contribution will be considered.

Past Awardees


  • Student Advisor of the Year Award: Carolina Alfaro
  • Student Empowerment Award: Julie Fox
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award: Heather Friedberg
  • Judge and Alverta Hughes Humanitarian Award: Livier Camarena Sanchez
  • Carol Burke Memorial Award: Mishaye Vernerable
  • Miriam V. and John L. Keymer Memorial Award: Kevin Lorenti
  • Greatest Achievement: Gloria Vallin
  • Outstanding Student Organization: Sociology Club
  • President’s Trophy: Peer Health Educators
  • ASI Diversity Awareness Award: Progressive Alliance
  • Most Spirited Organization: Market, Inc.
  • Most Improved: Computer Science Club


  • Outstanding Student Organization: Democratic Party
  • Most Improved: Sociology Club
  • Most Spirited: Warrior Cheer Team
  • Greatest Achievement: STEM Ambassador Program
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Gabriela Nuno
  • President's Trophy: M.E.Ch.A
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year: Caitlyn Turner
  • Carol Burke Memorial Award: Aleta Mascorro
  • Miriam V. & John L. Keymer Memorial Award: Melissa Gutierrez
  • Judge and Alverta Hughes Humanitarian Award: Micah Robinson
  • Student Empowerment Award: Dr. Xamuel Banales
  • ASI Diversity Awareness: Love Evolution and Mishaye Venerable


  • Outstanding Student Organization: Peer Health Educators
  • Most Improved: Majed Almutairi
  • Most Spirited: Black Student Union
  • Greatest Achievement: Shakti International
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Michele Gordon
  • President's Trophy: Phi Lambda Rho
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year: Nicole Larson
  • Carol Burke Memorial Award: Margrette Gouda (Rita)
  • Miriam V. & John L. Keymer Memorial Award: Ernesto Rodriguez / Jaqueline Cervantes
  • Judge and Alverta Hughes Humanitarian Award: Elizabeth Zafra / Nathaniel Romo
  • Student Empowerment Award: Viji Sundar
  • ASI Diversity Awareness: Stephanie Landeros


  • Outstanding Student Organization: Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Most Improved: Theta Chi
  • Most Spirited: Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Greatest Achievement: Chelsea Lewandowski
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Frank Borrelli
  • President's Trophy: Peer Health Education
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year: Jing Lee
  • Carol Burke Memorial Award: Morgan Roots
  • Miriam V. & John L. Keymer Memorial Award: Katie Alosi
  • Judge and Alverta Hughes Humanitarian Award: Consuelo Hernandez
  • Student Empowerment Award: Dr. Elvin Alemon
  • ASI Diversity Awareness: Jordan Elize


  • Outstanding Student Organization: American Chemical Society
  • Most Improved: Masters of Social Work
  • Most Spirited: Tau Kappa Epsilon
  • Greatest Achievement: Jose Diaz
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Brent Powell
  • President's Trophy: Alpha Xi Delta
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year: Chelsea Lewandowski
  • Carol Burke Memorial Award: Lelaine Geyser
  • Miriam V. & John L. Keymer Memorial Award: Nina Feretti
  • Judge and Alverta Hughes Humanitarian Award: Brandon DInh
  • Student Empowerment Award: Frank Borrelli