Leadership Programs

In a world that is changing rapidly, there is a need for leaders who possess a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face in the 21st century. Committed and well-prepared leaders are essential to our ability to tackle these challenges. Stanislaus State leadership programs serve as a leading resource in educating training and motivating tomorrow's leaders to address our most critical problems and shape a better world.

Every person has the capacity to be a leader.  We offer various programs throughout the academic year to ensure that every Stanislaus State student has the opportunity to develop their own leadership identity. The research of many scholars indicates that participation in these out-of-the-classroom activities supports the retention and graduation rates of the students involved.  Leadership is an important university learning outcome and something that all employers are looking for in applicants.

The leadership programs at Stanislaus State are designed to have a profound and lasting impact on our students, the community, and the world by delivering an innovative leadership curriculum with a multicultural approach. Using a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program to develop students' leadership skills, the leadership programs will empower students to think creatively and prepare them to change the world.

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