Associate Professor


College of the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Communication Studies



Demergasso-Bava Hall DBH129

Dr. Veronica R. Dawson’s (Ph.D., University of Utah) research interests are broadly situated in organizational communication. Specifically, she is interested in the processes of organizational identity, employee identification, and the communicative constitution of organizational practices surrounding these processes. Dawson sees organizations as constituted in communication and thus, as a form of authoritative texts, which are continuously authored and (re)negotiated by agents with various, sometimes conflicting, interests hence necessitating that persuasion takes place. In practice, she has translated these research interests to the role of organizations in social media and branding, health care, and the environment. She regularly presents her research at national and international venues. Dawson’s published work appears in Human Relations,​ Management Communication Quarterly, Social Media + Society, Critical Studies in Media Communication, The Journal of Social Media in Society, the International Encyclopedia of Organizational Communication, and in the edited volume Organizational Communication Traditions, Transitions, and Transformations.

Dr. Dawson teaches across the Relational & Organizational Communication and Public Communication & Media tracks. She is the current Communication Studies internship coordinator.