Welcome to IHA



The Interdisciplinary Health Alliance (IHA) is a coalition of faculty, students, and interested community members to nurture health research, share health teaching resources and practices, navigate health career options, promote health equity and inclusion, and foster collaborations within Stanislaus State and its service areas.


  • To serve as a central site that nurtures interdisciplinary health research and scholarship 
    • To foster interdisciplinary research between faculty, students, and the community
    • To share funding resources 
    • To support collaborative interdisciplinary research projects that are centered around equitable, just, affordable, accessible, and quality health practices 
  • To foster collaborative connections between students, faculty, industry, and the broader community of the San Joaquin Valley 
    • Through connecting and fostering relationships with community groups, service-learning projects, leadership positions on campus, internships, job opportunities 
  • To help students at Stanislaus State navigate health majors and course offerings and transition to a health profession 
    • To explore course offerings/degree pathways related to a health career 
    • To guide students in the wide spectrum of health careers
    • To create a repository of information related to course offerings, health degrees, and career options on the Stanislaus State website 
  • To share health teaching resources and practices to foster collaborative pedagogy to transform students’ understanding of health 
    • To share resources, concepts, and thoughts about new courses, concentrations, and/or degree proposals 
    • To encourage complementary course offerings to enhance student learning through interdisciplinary education
    • To promote events, new course offerings, project ideas, internships, etc. for students via a regularly updated website 
    • To explore faculty learning opportunities via Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)

Allied Faculty 

  • Kurt Baker Clinical Psychology
  • Eric Conrad Kinesiology
  • Veronica R. Dawson Communication Studies
  • Kelly Cotter Psychology
  • Jose Diáz Garayua Geography
  • John Garcia Social Work
  • Tomás Gomez-Arias Business Administration
  • Mark Grobner Biology
  • AnaMarie Guichard Psychology
  • Jingyun (Jenny) Li Health Care Management
  • Pengtao Li Business Administration
  • Ryan I. Logan Medical Anthropology
  • Ping Luo Kinesiology
  • Alison McNally Geography
  • Mechelle Perea-Ryan Nursing/Health Science
  • Brent Powell Kinesiology/Public Health Promotion
  • Lisa Timmons Child Development
  • Gerard Wellman Public Administration
  • Xun (Peter) Xu Health Care Management
  • Meggan Jordan Sociology
  • Estaban Montenegro-Montenegro Psychology

Updated: April 19, 2023