Create a Curriculum Map

A curriculum map is a chart that illustrates the connections between Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs).  As illustrated below, a Curriculum Map is an example of planning that begins with the end in mind. The Curriculum Map displayed below also indicates the level learning outcomes are taught in courses and, as a result, also serves to identify any redundancies and/or gaps in outcome coverage. It is not necessary that all courses will address all outcomes; include the outcomes only of highest importance for your course.

Program Learning Outcomes Core Course      
  Course A Course B Course C Course D
Written Communication E - - R
Oral Communication - E - -
Information Literacy - I - E
Critical Thinking I - R -
Quantitative Literacy - - E -


Outcome assessment data not collected for program-level analysis.

 Outcome assessment data collected for program-level analysis.

NOTE: In the curriculum map, the level at which the outcome is addressed is identified.

Scale options:

  • Introduced (I), Emphasized (E), and Reinforced (R)
  • Introduced (I), Developed (D), and Mastered (M)
  • Introduced (I), Practiced (P), Demonstrated (D)
  • Introduced (I), Reinforced (R), and Mastered (M)
  • Basic (B), Intermediate (I), Advanced (A)

See Curriculum Map Template.doc