Policy for AP and Placement


Our policy states that students who score a 3 on the AP exam are to enroll in SPAN 2010/2011; a score of 4 in SPAN 2020/2015, and a score of 5 in SPAN 3010. These changes in our policy are included in the University Catalog AY 12-13.

  •  The AP Literature exam has no course equivalency and we will not award credit.
  •  Six units/credits will be awarded for an AP Language score of 3.

Spanish placement exam

Exam not starting? Stuck at “Loading” screen?
Some users may experience a situation where the placement exam never moves beyond a “Loading…” message. To fix this problem, users must configure their web browser and add teachonline.csustan.edu to the list of websites that are allowed to store “cookies”. For information about how to make this change, consult the support documents for the web browser that is being used.