Purpose and Charge:

Build relationships among members and leaders of the community (bringing together a diverse group of people--city, university, community members, schools, faith-based community) to address issues of inclusion and diversity within Turlock. With the goal of making Turlock a city that feels safe for all residents by fostering inclusion, belonging and acceptance.

Working together, the city, and Stanislaus State will coordinate, encourage, and implement initiatives and activities to promote an inclusive community that reflects the rich and diverse experiences, values, worldviews and cultures in our city.


  • Host educational/cultural lectures, events, and activities
  • Gather and review data on relevant diversity topics
  • Establish closer, regular communication and consultation between city and university regarding issues of diversity that affects the city as a whole
  • Develop list of stakeholder resources for future activities
  • Build stronger relationship with the City of Turlock Police, University Police and other community safety organizations
  • Enhance communications
    • Develop and manage the CTSS-JTDI website that will be visible on the city and university site
    • Create brochures and posters to promote events and activities
    • Compile and provide a list of relevant resources for different community constituencies 
    • Publish an annual report


Membership is comprised of members of the City of Turlock, Stanislaus State, and the Turlock community (approximately 15 members).

Term limits Members will serve terms up to three (3) year terms, with a possibility to renew to allow cycling on/off the CTSS-JTDI Taskforce.
Meetings The CTSS-JTDI Taskforce will meet once a month.

Please contact nrhodes@csustan.edu for current schedule.


CTSS-JTDI will create subcommittees with additional members for special topics.
All meetings will be open, and the public is welcome to attend.

  1. City manager/representative*
  2. Stan State President/representative*
  3. Turlock USD superintendent/rep*
  4. Community organization rep
  5. Community organization rep
  6. Faith-based organization rep
  7. Faith-based organization rep
  8. Stan State faculty or staff rep
  9. Turlock Police Department/rep*
  10. University Police Department/rep*
  11. High school student
  12. Stan State student
  13. Community resident
  14. Community resident
  15. Community resident

For more information about the Joint Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion, please contact:

City Manager's Office

156 S. Broadway, Ste. 230
Turlock, CA 95380-5454
(209) 668-5540
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Stanislaus State - Office of the President

Attn: Neisha Rhodes, Director for Presidential Initiatives
(209) 667-3201

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Updated: April 27, 2023