CTSS-JTDI Statement COVID-19 Encouragement Video

Turlock, City Council Resolution - Not in Our Community

CTSS-JTDI Statement in opposition to the straight pride event to be held in Modesto

We the Joint Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion were formed on the premise of supporting ALL individuals. This holds true regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, class, religion, ethnicity or immigration status. We do not support any group, organization, or individual that would propagate hate and or discriminate against any person. We pride ourselves on being a body committed to spreading ideals of inclusivity and diversity throughout the Central Valley and will join together with our brothers and sisters against those who intend to do the opposite.  Therefore, we stand with our LGBTQIA community against the proposed event in Modesto. We offer our utmost support, as we will continue to voice the message from Turlock across the Central Valley that we are united against hate and standing together for love!

Modern Assyrian hosted by Carmen Morad interviewing Bob Lawton & Ellen N. Junn, Ph.D.

Updated: April 27, 2023