Qualtrics survey software requires a Stanislaus State email account. You must use the Stanislaus State Qualtrics web form to log in and/or create an account. If you go to the public Qualtrics website and create a trial account, any surveys you create or data you collect will not be accessible from the Stanislaus State Qualtrics site. You can only create one user account in Qualtrics. To log in to Qualtrics once your account has been created, use your Stanislaus State credentials.

Types of Accounts

Faculty and Staff Accounts

  • Faculty and staff are able to create a standard Qualtrics account.
  • Accounts will remain active on an annual academic year (AY) basis. End of AY audits will determine any separations from the University, which will result in account termination.

Sponsored Student Accounts

  • Sponsored students are able to create a student Qualtrics account with limited distribution functionality.
  • Accounts will remain active on an annual academic year basis and will be terminated when the student is no longer enrolled at the University.

To create a Stanislaus State Qualtrics account, click on the Qualtrics link located on the main IEA webpage, then log in to the Stanislaus State authenticator using their University credentials. Students needing to distribute their surveys must have approval from their sponsor and/or IRB approval. Then the student or sponsor should contact Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics at ir-qualtrics@csustan.edu or 209-667-3281 to add permissions.

Academic Uses:

1. Classroom

  • Faculty may elect to request students to use Qualtrics for a class project.

2. Master's and Doctoral Students

  • Faculty may elect to request a graduate student to use Qualtrics on a master's thesis or doctoral research.

3. Student Assistant Employee

  • Staff may have students use Qualtrics to help with a department project.

Updated: June 29, 2023