Thursday, Jun. 30, 2022 - Friday, Aug. 12, 2022
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Tell Our Stories: Artifacts from the Assyrian Genocide

Using personal narratives and historical artifacts, this exhibition explores the Assyrian Genocide era — roughly 1895 through 1924 in the Ottoman Empire and Persia — and the subsequent experience of Assyrian resettlement in the US. The exhibition tells the stories of the survivors whose photos we see:  survivors who lost family, endured unspeakable hardship, and built a future for their families. It also features several paintings by contemporary Assyrian artists reflecting on the legacy of the genocide and diaspora.  

This exhibition will be on display at the University Art Gallery, located inside the Theatre Building, from June 30 through August 12.

Tell Our Stories: Artifacts from the Assyrian Genocide

Note: This gallery is not open on weekends or on the following dates: Monday, July 4.

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Batou Diaspora 1915