Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary program that enhances student understanding of the experiences and perspectives of U.S. racial and ethnic groups. Courses explore the cultural production, socioeconomic conditions, educational patterns, and political experiences of Asian Americans, Chicanos, and African Americans.

students in classWhere can our Ethnic Studies programs take you?

Ever-changing U.S. demographics have created a demand for professionals with diverse cultural skills to work in teaching, business, law and law enforcement, health service, and other service sectors. And there are many more opportunities for community engagement.

Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts, Ethnic Studies
  • Liberal Studies Concentration: Those majoring in Liberal Studies can complete their concentration in Ethnic Studies, Bilingual Crosscultural: Southeast Asian, or Bilingual Crosscultural: Spanish.
  • Minors in African American Studies, Chicano Studies, and Ethnic Studies
  • Social Sciences Concentration: Those majoring in Social Sciences can complete their concentration in Ethnic Studies.

Interesting classes
you might take

  • Searching for America: Intro to Ethnic Studies
  • Contemporary Chicano Studies Contemporary African American Studies
  • Contemporary Asian American Studies
  • California Ethnic Experience Multiculturalism: From Bias to Reality
  • Field Work in Ethnic Studies Minority Family, Communities,  and School
  • The Mexican American Family The African American Family The Asian American Family

What you can do

Ethnic Studies careers are available in business, education, the media, public relations, social work, public administration, law enforcement and health care.

What you can learn

Critical race theory, research design, historicism, migration factors, fieldwork activities and community service learning

Social policies relating to immigration, racial segregation, and forms of ethnic containment

Major contemporary sociocultural, economic, political, and educational issues facing U.S. ethnic groups

What you can earn

  • Social Services Specialist, $48,000
  • Sociology Instructor, $62,000
  • Clinical Social Worker,  $67,000
  • Social Studies Teacher, $44,000

Source: 2014, CA