Ethnic Studies


The Ethnic Studies program provides an interdisciplinary, comparative, and relational approach to the study of African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicana/os-Latina/os, and American Indians with a regional, national, and global context.  The Ethnic Studies curriculum provides students with a critical inquiry that advances their analysis and understanding of the histories and contemporary situations of racial and ethnic groups.  The discipline connects central themes and issues including race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender, immigration, policy and education.  The major provides students with a critical understanding of the multiple meanings of racial diversity in American society in order to participate and work effectively with diverse populations in fields such as education, business, law, health, social and public service, and many others. Ethnic Studies also fosters students' social awareness and responsibility.  The program's teaching and mentoring of students reflect Ethnic Studies' commitment to social change and social justice.

Ethnic Studies is offered as a major, minor, and concentration.